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留学英国 欢迎来自世界各地国际学生

The United Kingdom has been viewed as one of the most desirable locations to study overseas for hundreds of years.  International students from around the globe come to study in the UK because of its reputation for academic excellence and the value of British qualifications in an ever more competitive global marketplace. How do you decide on the best place to study?

Study in the UK – what to expect?

The important thing is to think about the type of benefits that come with an education in a particular country. As a prospective student you are most likely looking for a college that:

  • Has a reputation for academic excellence and modern education
  • Has well regarded teaching staff and outstanding facilities
  • Enables students to excel, extending their strengths and interest
  • Offers friendly environment and a range of exciting activities
  • Provides safe accommodation and secure environment

Choosing Quality Qualifications

At Bellerbys College we pride ourselves on our outstanding academic reputation and work hard to ensure that we remain a highly respected international school in the UK with main campuses based in Cambridge, Oxford, Brighton and London. Our qualifications are respected throughout the world and are seen as a gold standard in academic performance.

We offer a wide a range of university preparation courses which will pave the way for entry to many esteemed higher education institutions in the UK. Our rich portfolio not only includes A Level qualifications, GCSE courses and Foundation programmes for international students but also a wide array of additional activities and events at our four campuses throughout the UK.

Zuzana CHLUPACKOVA来自捷克共和国