Classroom technology cutting edge learning technology

Technology for Classrooms

State-of-the-art learning technologies bring education to a new level, engaging you in new ways of learning that are both productive and effective. Interactive whiteboards enable teachers to share online resources and software specifically designed for each individual subject. Electronic handsets for stating opinions make lectures interactive, enabling teachers to post questions and elicit responses at key points of the lessons. 

Technology for Studying

Our online Learning Management System, StudySmart, enables you to access learning materials at any time. You can review your class work, listen to audio files, watch videos and make use of the materials your teachers use in class. This opportunity to consolidate your learning in an engaging online environment helps to ensure success in assessed coursework and the final exams. 

Perfect Preparation for University

Independent study skills are important for success at university and using an online Learning Management System is a key part of studying at university. When submitting assignments online, you can make use of plagiarism highlighting software to develop an understanding of the importance of independent work and of acknowledging the work of others – vital skills for successful university-level studies. 

What Ofsted says…

"The VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) is perfect. You can download resources from your lessons like the teachers' multimedia presentations."
Extract from Ofsted Report on Bellerbys College Cambridge, November 2011

Key facts:

  • Access to learning resources 24/7
  • The ability to review and consolidate class work
  • Access to extension activities for the very best students
  • Forums for collaborating and sharing ideas online
  • Preparation for using University Learning Management Systems