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Bellerbys is proud to be international and we worked with our students to create this video:

Meet Hogan, a student from Hong Kong, who studied Business Foundation at Bellerbys College Oxford. He told us how, since he came to Bellerbys, he has met new friends from around the world:

One day, all education will be international

At Bellerbys College we recognise the importance of studying abroad. So we commissioned a series of roundtable discussions and interviews in mainland China, Hong Kong and Vietnam. We asked parents, teachers, and educational professionals what an international education meant to them, and what impact policies and trends had on their country’s educational system and on recent graduates seeking employment.

The findings are summarised in this report, include:
  • The average age of Asian students studying abroad is getting younger
  • Employer expectations play a major role in determining the school and education type Asian parents select for their children
  • Not all international learning options are the same
To us it is not simply about getting a Western qualification, or experiencing the educational system in another country while being surrounded by local students with their own defined culture and norms. Our belief is that to truly be prepared for the ever-changing global workplace, Asian students need to learn to be independent and to positively challenge what they are taught (a philosophy encouraged in the UK educational system), while being able to network and learn from as many different cultures as possible.

At Bellerbys College, we believe that one day all education will be international. 

Hear more from Chloe, an English and Study Skills teacher at Bellerbys College London. She told us why she enjoys working with international students:

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Paper Download
Simon Mower, Principal of Bellerbys College, Brighton
Having worked in several prominent boarding schools, including one of Asia’s leading British-curriculum schools, I understand the dilemma parents face when choosing the right school for their children. I have seen first-hand the value of studying at an international school in the UK. Educational institutions in the UK consistently rank among the best in the world, offering qualifications that are internationally valued and recognised. But a good education goes beyond that. At Bellerbys, we have over half a century’s experience in educating international students and our mission, as a pre-university education provider, is not just to prepare students for higher education, but to prepare them for life. We now have students from more than 70 countries at our schools. And it is here that students learn to become global citizens in an environment that not only respects their culture but also encourages them to interact, network and learn from each other."
Simon Mower, Principal Bellerbys College Brighton