The Bellerbys Way Tailor made education, global horizons and family values

The Bellerbys Way

At Bellerbys we call our distinctive aims and ethos The Bellerbys Way, an approach inspired by fifty years of teaching students from all over the world. It’s all about the special attention and support that students need when they make the life-changing decision to leave friends and family behind to study in the UK.

The Bellerbys Way brings together three commitments.

We tailor-make a rigorous British education

Our curriculum offers all the strengths – and the excellent outcomes - of the British system, but it’s adapted specially to meet the needs of international students. Students are taught in small, personalised classes by teachers who are expert in developing students with different cultures and different mother tongues. Our specialist college system then allows students to focus rapidly on the subjects and ideas that truly excite them. 

What makes us special:

  • 50 years of teaching international students 
  • Specialist colleges that develop your interests
  • Small, personalised classes
  • Outstanding academic results every year
  • Progression to some of the UK’s best Universities

We open up global horizons

Education delivers more than exam results.  Our prestigious city locations allow students to tap into the heart of British cultural, commercial and intellectual life.  But we are also dynamic multicultural communities.  With classmates from all over the world, Bellerbys students develop bigger, global perspectives and international connections that will last them for the rest of their lives.

What makes us special:

  • 4 prestigious city locations: Brighton, Cambridge, Oxford and London
  • Teaching adapted to the needs of the international students who speak English as a second language
  • Immersion into British culture
  • Classmates from all over the world
  • Opportunity to build a global network and make friends for life

We function like a family

The ethos is informal, friendly.  We treat students like adults, but we also know that when you are building your confidence, the thing that really counts is sympathetic personal care and support – right down to the little things like negotiating the London tube, shopping for food and having somebody to talk to when you are missing home.

What makes us special:

  • Safe and secure environment
  • Informal, friendly atmosphere
  • Caring staff, including 24-hour security and language counsellors
  • Help to do the little things and build confidence.

Together the three commitments give students the support and the confidence they need not just to achieve the best results, but, even more importantly, to let their ambition flourish.

The Bellerbys adventure

Adventure is the excitement of experiencing something new, like meeting new friends, travelling around a new city or learning a new subject. 

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