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Meet the team behind the telephones and emails! Our Student Enrolment Advisers are here to help, whether you need advice on which course to choose or would like more information about Bellerbys College or our locations. They will support you with your application and with the visa process right up until you arrive at Bellerbys.

Make an enquiry and they will contact you by email. If you prefer to be contacted by telephone, request it on the enquiry form.

To make it as easy as possible for you, our Advisers speak a variety of languages, and understand several more.

Olga Presnikova Student Enrolment Adviser for Russian & Baltics and Central Asia

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Hello! My name is Olga and I come from Moscow, Russia. I'm here to assist you with your  future studies.

My passion for travel and experiencing new cultures led me to begin my career in international education. I have been working as an international education adviser since 2006, taking care of all my students, helping to settle down into a new school. I guide my students in making important life decision such as choosing university or a future profession. Each child is individual and I am always ready to help them make the right decision  that  helps them to become the leaders of tomorrow. 

I am very much looking forward to ensuring the students we welcome from all over the world have the best possible experience at Bellerbys College and achieve their learning objectives. The most important aim for me is to fulfil the promises I make to all my students and parents. I believe that Bellerbys is a unique  place - whatever your goals in life - and I  do my  best  to enable you to achieve your dreams.

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Adedayo Durojaiye Student Enrolment Adviser for Nigeria

Hello! My name is Adedayo Durojaiye and I’m from Nigeria.

I am a French graduate and I have also taken professional courses in Management Sciences, Public Relations and Customer Service. This gives me a great deal of understanding of people and their needs.

I love to experience other cultures and I have visited countries like Ghana, Togo, Malawi, Kenya, Dubai and the UK. Travelling outside your home country broadens your world understanding and perspective on just about anything. While this is not always easy, the benefits far outweigh any negatives. You experiment with new ways of thinking, or try a different way of living and you naturally experience some sort of personal growth.

Having worked in the UK education industry for some time I have gained comprehensive knowledge of British universities and colleges, and the process of counselling international students about their study options in the UK.

Studying abroad definitely challenges you on a personal level, but you develop greater self-confidence, independence, and self-reliance. By the time you are done, you have not only gained an education but become wiser too; you may even feel like a super hero: You can do anything!

I look forward to hearing from you soon and I’ll give you the best support possible!"

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Emmanuel Martinez Student Enrolment Adviser for Latin America

Hello! My name is Emmanuel and I´m from the beautiful and crowded City of Mexico. You can contact me in Spanish and English and I also speak a little bit of French.

I studied communication science, lived in the USA for a couple of years and have visited many countries.  I have an excellent understanding of International student life and I love meeting people, making friends and sharing multicultural experiences. As a result of having a wide network of international friends, I came to realise that we are not that different from each other!

Choosing to study abroad is one of your most important and fulfilling decisions in life. Whether you already know what to study or you have no idea! Feel free to contact me and together we can make the best decision.

I would like to share one phrase that will be of great use once you undertake this interesting path of studying in the UK:

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”


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Abdurazzag Abdulhamid Student Enrolment Adviser for Middle East

Hello! My name is Abdurazzag Abdulhamid but everyone calls me Zack.  I am from Tripoli, Libya and I speak Arabic and English. I am a MSc graduate in Computer Sciences and I have a gigantic passion for football. My personal story is that I came to UK about nine years ago with the aim of learning to speak English, get a MSc degree, meet new people with different nationalities and develop great friendships. Through this journey I have made friends for life, creating priceless experiences.

I am now working as an enrolment advisor with the Study Group, my aim is to help each one of you to live this amazing experience to the fullest. The UK is a great place with an international environment and you will definitely make a lot of friends and have countless fun. Bellerbys College provides a strong support system that will guide and assist you from the day you enrol until graduation and beyond.  Therefore, if you have any reservations about whether you can make it on your own in a foreign country, the answer is yes because I personally will guide and support you all the way. I will provide you with a clear understanding of how the system works and keep you on track until graduation. I can’t wait to hear from you and who knows, you might challenge me on my football knowledge.

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