How to choose an international school

Posted 24 April 2013
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When choosing an international school for your children or yourself, your first decision will be finding the ideal location. If English language skills are an important part of your ideal curriculum, then chances are you’ll be deciding whether you should study in the UK, America, or Australia. But what exactly sets them apart and how do you decide on the best place to continue your education?

Your future career

No two parts of a country are the same, so finding the best location for your education often comes down to a question of personal preference. Many students will want to attend a school in a country where they have some connection – either through family or friends. However, although it’s certainly important to feel comfortable in your new home, you should also give some thought to what you want to get out of your education.

Some students will want to use their time at an international school to prepare themselves for college in the same country, whilst others might be more concerned with improving their language skills and having the opportunity to connect with a new and interesting culture. Other pupils might be determined to develop an international career in a sector such as banking or international business.

Either way, the important thing is to think about the type of benefits that come with an education in a particular country. America, for example, is a great place to be if you intend applying to a US university, but won’t be much benefit if you want to go on to study in Europe. If you choose to study in the UK, you’ll also benefit from being exceptionally close to Europe and all the possibilities and connections that this is likely to lead to.

UK Quality qualifications

For the purposes of university admissions, most qualifications can be broadly compared between countries, but some have a higher value than others. For example, the A Level qualifications on offer at Bellerbys College are well respected throughout the world and will pave the way for entry to many esteemed universities wherever you decide to study. It’s also important to consider the array of other opportunities available in your host country and, in particular, at the international college you choose. If, for example, you decide to study in the UK at Bellerbys, you’ll not only have access to a range of exciting GCSE, A Level, Foundation and Pre-Masters courses, but also a wide array of additional activities and cultural events at our four international campuses throughout the UK.

A cultural education

A good international school should be able to ensure fantastic achievement no matter where in the world you happen to be. However, what they cannot all lay a claim to is the diversity and rich cultural heritage that can only be found in certain parts of the world. If you choose to study in the UK, you can look forward to one of the most diverse, engaging and varied cultural scenes of any nation.

At Bellerbys College, our four campuses are based in some of the UK’s most beautiful cities – Cambridge, Oxford, London and Brighton. Our students are able to benefit from the rich array of activities on offer and from mixing with a wide diversity of people from many different backgrounds. From lectures and public talks, to trips to the theatre, opera, or ballet, you can be assured that if you choose to study in the UK, you will experience the rich cultural heritage that the country enjoys. Each of Bellerbys’ purpose-built campuses is ideally situated within easy rich of all the major transport networks, including railway and coach stations, ensuring that you can easily explore everything on offer in the United Kingdom.