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Posted 15 February 2013
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If you’re looking for an international college to prepare you for University in the UK, schools throughout the country offer a wide range of courses and other extra curricula activities. However, you need to be careful that the international school you choose is able to offer the type of high quality teaching and track record that will ensure you are fully prepared for the start of your degree

A Foundation programme is a sure-fire way of ensuring that you have the type of skills and experience that admissions tutors are looking for. At Bellerbys, we are proud to say that we can be counted amongst the handful of institutions that can say they are the best foundation college in the UK.

The unrivalled level of experience at Bellerbys in offering foundation courses has been built on the quality of our teaching staff and commitment to creating a course syllabus that is developed around individual students. We recognise that our students are from an array of educational backgrounds and may have different approaches to learning. That’s why we combine traditional classroom teaching with the latest developments in e-learning technology to create a tailored programme that gets results.

Courses designed for you

Based on our A Level syllabuses and with a range of exciting options, the quality of our programmes is one of the reasons why we are seen as being the best foundation college in the UK. Students come to us from all over the globe, seeking a friendly and cosmopolitan atmosphere in which they can achieve results. The foundation programmes that we offer provide an essential toolbox of academic skills required to do well at university. The intensive nature of the course means that you will pick up a wide array of skills within a short space of time; you can then effectively use these throughout your academic career at university. Top college programmes like those on offer at Bellerbys are the most effective way of ensuring entry to a UK university and provide a wide range of career options. The foundation programme at Bellerbys is highly valued by students and parents throughout the world as it provides a wide choice of university destinations, including 17 of the top 30 universities in the Times Good University rankings of 2011.

Efficient learning – faster, higher, stronger

Our foundation courses are ideal if you are over sixteen and a half and want to quickly acquire the necessary skills and experience for entry to a UK university. At Bellerbys, we will give you the study skills and support you need to succeed in a range of degree subjects, from engineering and law to media and humanities. The foundation programmes that Bellerbys offer are directly designed to ensure that you succeed at university, with each of the three terms specifically structured so that you can learn faster and more efficiently.

A good foundation course provider will not only look after your academic development, but will also ensure that you have the facilities and accommodation to enjoy your time in the UK. At Bellerbys, we’re considered the best foundation college in the UK because we treat our students as individuals and help them to learn on their own terms – using the strengths and abilities they have to further core competencies across the board. Our teaching is carried out in purpose-built classrooms with a wide range of facilities, from WiFi and IT suites, to well-stocked libraries, high-quality restaurants and cafeterias, as well as superb en-suite accommodation.