Foundation courses in Arts in London

Posted 15 March 2013
Foundation Course in arts

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If you want to study for an arts degree in the UK, then you are not alone. There are many thousands of students who apply for these prestigious courses each year, and the result is that only the very best gain places. In such a competitive area, it’s important that students are equipped with the very best skills and experience. For many art and design degrees, this means first having successfully completed an arts foundation course. Unlike the traditional A Level route, an arts foundation course is taken over the course of one year and provides an intensive and structured programme that equips students with the type of practical and theoretical skills that universities and prestigious arts colleges are looking for. From foundation courses in arts in London – entry 2013, to tailored programmes in Cambridge or Brighton, there are a wide range of different options available to you. 


Foundation in Arts - Reputation for excellence


Many colleges and international schools offer some form of arts and design programme, but finding what’s best for you might not be so easy. Perhaps one of the most important considerations you should bear in mind is the college’s relationship with the type of universities that you want to apply to. Reputation is very important in this competitive sphere, so knowing that your college is well-respected by the institutions that you will ultimately be applying to not only gives you peace of mind, but is indicative of a history for delivering excellence. This means that once you’ve been accepted onto the programme, you have already embarked upon your chosen career and can start focusing on the future. Our foundation courses in arts in London – entry 2013, are amongst the best in the world.


Four campus locations in the UK

Finding a course that adapts to your needs and schedule is important - especially when you’re an international student and are on what might be your first visit to Britain. We design our courses to be as flexible as possible, so whether you’re looking for foundation courses in arts in London – entry 2013, or in locations such as Cambridge, Oxford, or Brighton, we can help.  With four campus locations within the UK, Bellerbys is a great choice for students who want to get the most out of their time in Britain. Each campus offers a slightly different version of the art and design foundation, with different specialist modules on offer in each of our locations.


Tailor your Education

Built around a series of core modules, these specialist options allow you to tailor your education depending on what you want to eventually study at university or an arts college. With options such as animation, fashion, textiles, film production and illustration – to name but a few – there is no shortage of creative combinations that will allow you to tailor your experience at Bellerbys. Our foundation programme gives you a good grounding in all of the disciplines of art and design, including core modules in design skills, experimentation and development, group and independent design, photography, and contextual studies. The intensive study of all of these core modules, in addition to a choice of a wide range of specialist disciplines ensures that you are given a wide breadth of practical experience that will stand you in good stead for your career in further education.