Foundation year courses in London - entry 2013

Posted 16 March 2013
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There are few decisions or choices that can affect the rest of your life more significantly than where you decide to study and which course you pursue. The UK has one of the most respected education systems in the world and the range of courses and diversity of cultural life make it an attractive choice for overseas students looking for a great place to study. Whether it’s the vibrant cosmopolitan cities of London, Liverpool, Birmingham, and Manchester, or the classical grandeur and pomp of Oxford and Cambridge, there is something for everyone. Before you can start thinking about where you want to study, you first need to get the requisite grades. For many people, these take the form of A Levels – otherwise known by their formal name of ‘advanced levels’.

Specific skills

However, for students who want to gain a truly in-depth and comprehensive understanding of a subject prior to starting at university, a Foundation course can often be a more suitable alternative to A Levels. Unlike the more traditional route, where you may take up to five separate A Level subjects, a Foundation course is designed to give you a specific range of skills in a certain area, for those who know which subject they want to pursue at university. Many different colleges offer foundation courses, but it’s important that you choose a place of study that has a pre-existing relationship with several UK universities and a reputation for outstanding teaching.

University connections

At Bellerbys, for example, we have some of the most respected Foundation courses in the UK and our name has become synonymous with excellence. We work with over fifty universities that accept the successful completion of a Foundation course at Bellerbys as the only necessary criteria for entry onto one of their degree programmes.

Our Foundation programme courses in London – entry 2013, are some of the most popular in our prospectus. Uniting the vibrant and cosmopolitan atmosphere of London, with one of the most respected international schools in the UK is very tempting for many students – especially those that want to gain automatic entry to a respected British university. The structure of the course is intensive. This makes it the ideal choice for those students who want to get into university as quickly as possible, whilst developing a range of strong academic skills that will help propel them to the top.

Strong foundations build success

The Foundation year courses in London – entry 2013 have been developed alongside leading academics to ensure that they provide the very best grounding in your chosen subject. Indeed, the reputation of the Bellerby’s Foundation programme is why over fifty universities will accept our students automatically upon successful completion of one of our Foundation courses.

Finding a good Foundation course can be difficult when there are so many choices available. Given the importance of choosing the right course and school, it’s important that you take your time and think about what it is you’re looking for in an international college. At Bellerbys, for example, we pride ourselves on offering a personalised curriculum, taught by highly qualified tutors who recognise that not all students have the same approach to studying and will help you to develop those areas that need strengthening. It’s important to ensure that progress is monitored at all stages and a good international college will work closely with its students to set regular targets and review progress. This is especially important on intensive academic programmes, like the Foundation year courses in London – entry 2013.