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Posted 27 March 2013

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When you want to study overseas, you’ll be looking for a college that has a reputation for academic excellence, a friendly environment and a range of exciting activities. The United Kingdom has been viewed as one of the most desirable locations to study overseas for hundreds of years.

Families from around the globe send their children to the UK because of its reputation for academic excellence and the value of British qualifications in an ever more competitive global marketplace. English is the language of choice for most commercial transactions and will open up an entire world of career choices when it’s spoken at a fluent level. From banking and high finance, to law, medicine, literature and engineering, English is vital if you want to succeed in the modern marketplace.

College overseas - a rewarding experience

Making the decision to study overseas might seem like a difficult one, but when you know that you’re heading off to an international college with a reputation for its warm and welcoming atmosphere, that decision becomes a lot easier. Bellerbys, our college overseas, is highly regarded throughout the globe as offering a modern and progressive education. Our ethos is based on a synergistic blend of traditional teaching, complemented by a personalised learning plan and one-to-one support. We fully embrace the use of IT, and e-learning is an important part of the many resources which we offer our students. All four of our campuses in the UK have a number of state-of-the-art IT suites and many areas are covered by WiFi, meaning that students can take control of their education whilst benefiting from the experience of some of the finest teachers in the country. When combined with the dynamic and cosmopolitan atmosphere found in all of our campuses, students are able to excel – extending their strengths, indulging their interests and developing a whole new set of academic tools with which to succeed in the world.

Comfort, security and success

Nevertheless, deciding to study overseas is about so much more than academic attainment. A good international college will be keen to help its students develop and grow on a personal level – nurturing their personalities in a safe and secure environment where they are encouraged to make the very most of all that the UK has to offer. At Bellerbys international college, we provide the ideal opportunity for our students to get to know UK life and culture, whilst also benefiting from the diverse backgrounds of their fellow students. Our college campuses are strategically placed around the UK; whether it’s the ancient and cloistered magnificence of Cambridge, the vibrant and modern atmosphere of Brighton, or the diverse hustle of London, Bellerbys has a campus to suit every student.

A good international college needs to have facilities which are as well regarded as its teaching staff and reputation for excellence. When you study overseas, you want to be able to concentrate on the experience of your new life and not have to worry about finding safe and modern accommodation. All of our campuses have purpose-built, en-suite rooms, equipped with a wide range of facilities: from IT suites and WiFi, to washing machines and clothes driers. We have dedicated accommodation for students under 18 and these are supervised by our trained staff twenty four hours a day, so you can rest safe in the knowledge that there is someone on hand to help you, no matter what the time of day. Indeed, it is this combination of academic excellence, outstanding facilities and access to a dynamic and diverse culture which makes the decision to study overseas such an enriching one – especially if you choose to study at Bellerbys.