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Posted 13 March 2013
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When you’re planning future study in economics accounting, finance, management and other business related subjects at degree level, start foundation in business this April 2013. A top class international college such as Bellerbys can prepare you with a wide range of courses, including business, finance and management foundation preparation for business degrees.

Whilst these subjects may sound fairly generic, it is important to remember it is the quality of teaching that really makes the grade, not simply the name of the course. To be fully prepared for a university business degree, choose a college where tutors have a sound track record of consistency in their success. At Bellerbys, teaching is of outstanding quality, ensuring your application to university admissions tutors clearly demonstrates you have the skills, knowledge and experience to be accepted onto a degree course.

Business studies

Start foundation in business this April (2013, September start) at Bellerbys college in order to achieve a head start from one of the best institutions in the UK. A foundation diploma in business will set you on the path to business studies at a higher level and a successful future career.

Students are individuals at Bellerbys, not merely statistics, and tutors at every level are dedicated to recognising students come from widely differing backgrounds and cultural experiences. There is a strong ethos of commitment to student development and in the creation of a course syllabus that embraces different methodology of learning. This includes up to the minute e-learning technology which is used in combination with more traditional based classroom learning, to create an individual results driven programme.

Our reputation carries us forward, with our proven track record of success, and exceptional standards on both an academic and pastoral level.

Outstanding learning experience

The unrivalled level of experience at Bellerbys in offering foundation diplomas has been built on the quality of our teaching staff and commitment to creating a course syllabus that is developed around individual students. The course is based on A Level and taught by A Level teachers. We recognise that students are from an array of educational backgrounds and may have different approaches to learning. That’s why we combine traditional classroom teaching with the latest developments in e-learning technology to create a tailored programme that gets results. Last year students from Bellerbys Foundation programme were placed into 24 of the top 30 ranked universities.

Bellerbys foundation courses are packed full of innovation and unrivalled academic experience which provides essential preparation for long-term university success and future employment.

As the course is intensive, start foundation in business this April (2013, September start) and you can look forward to developing a truly breathtaking basket of skills within a short time span. Throughout your long term path through university and well into your future career, you can draw on these basic skills to carve your way successfully into the business world.

The key to the future

The Bellerbys foundation business courses are the key to opening doors to faster, efficient learning; if you are over sixteen and a half years of age and have the motivation and enthusiasm to acquire a solid base of expertise, this type of programme offers structured support and tutoring at every step of the way.

A first rate provider of business foundation courses will ensure modern en-suite accommodation in addition to more personal facilities such as banking, medical, social and pastoral care.

On successful completion of the Business, Finance & Management Foundation you will graduate to an undergraduate degree at one of our partner universities in the September following the start of your course.