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Posted 03 May 2013
Bellerbys schools for foreign students

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Finding the best college for international students in UK can be a difficult procedure, and when there are so many factors at stake, it can be fraught with numerous decisions. When you have chosen a college that may only be the beginning of the challenge.

You will need to take on a plethora of new things that hit you very suddenly on arrival and can quickly become overwhelming. Despite the ease of global communications family, friends and familiarity may be thousands of miles away. However, this shouldn’t be a reason to feel afraid or turn down a fabulous opportunity to study in the UK. The great thing about Bellerbys is that we are aware of how daunting such change can be and are ready and willing to offer support before your course has commenced. The pathway from a foreign country and language to UK study can be smooth, stress free and enjoyable. Bellerbys leads the way in overcoming the hurdles and turning the experience into a positive and exciting challenge in famous locations such as Brighton, Cambridge, London and Oxford.


Foreign students in a new land

Whether you have applied for a foundation or business and management course, a pre-Masters, A-level or GCSE, Bellerbys prides itself on being a truly international establishment, catering for students from the length and breadth of the globe. The college is renowned for allowing you sufficient time and space to acclimatize to British culture at your own rate. We appreciate that the meteorological conditions in the UK may be entirely different from your homeland and take some time to get used to. Adapting to different food and patterns of eating, understanding and speaking a foreign language may seem exciting on leaving your native land but can quickly become emotionally stressful if not handled correctly.

Living in a foreign country, adopting and coping with different habits, including British academic methods needs specialised understanding that only a college like Bellerbys can provide. When you commence your course you will be fully supported to help you feel relaxed and comfortable with your new environment. With the right help and guidance, you can settle in with a smooth transition and very quickly begin to enjoy your new life. We give emotional as well as practical support to arm you with the knowledge and experience you need to succeed when you are firmly ensconced on your course.


School advice, guidance and support


As the best college for foreign students in UK, expert advice will be on hand at all stages and levels of your time spent with us. You will receive the very best counselling to steer you towards the most appropriate university for your needs and the right postgraduate course for your academic ambitions.

Furthermore, our courses are streamlined, intensive and offer an unrivalled experience in self confidence and academic development, regardless of your level. As one might expect from the best boarding school for foreign students in UK, Bellerbys has superlative en-suite accommodation with accompanying facilities that cater for every taste and ambition. Our students are treated like individuals from Day 1; we take time to ensure they learn at their own pace, playing on the strengths and abilities inherent in each and every person, regardless of background.


Sate of the art facilities

To facilitate this approach, teaching is carried out in purpose-built classrooms with a wide range of equipment, from WiFi and IT suites, to well-stocked libraries, high-quality restaurants and cafeterias. Your life at college, whilst away from home and in a foreign land can be truly exciting, worthwhile and give a lifetime of enjoyable memory. It is no surprise that Bellerbys enjoys worldwide status as the best college for international students in UK.