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Posted 12 May 2013
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Each year thousands of students, sometimes as young as 14 years of age, decide to apply for a UK college course. The biggest single question you will ask when you come to this decision is how to access courses at college UK in September.  Finding the best college at which to study may seem like a daunting task, fraught with complications and conflicting decisions. When you have found the best college to suit your aims, ambitions and lifestyle, your journey may only just begin.

This doesn’t have to be stressful or difficult but it does need to be taken seriously because every year university admissions become increasingly competitive. Today a wide spectrum of students, from across the globe, are applying for places at some of Great Britain’s most elite universities. It is therefore of the utmost importance that you are armed with the right skills that will help you gain entry and succeed at every level.

When looking how to access courses at college UK in September, think strategically in logical steps before rushing to the first college on your list.


1)Study the college prospectus


If your ultimate goal is to go to a UK university, then if you are an international student, make a visit to the UK in the first instance. Give yourself plenty of time to study the college prospectus and arrange a visit to the college. Seeing the campus and the college where you will study will be a valuable experience, giving you a great taste of the atmosphere and academic life. You will also meet tutors and staff who can help you with any queries on accessing the right course. Begin to get acquainted with the customs in the UK too, including the weather patterns, cultural life as well as the British educational system before applying to your favoured college. Bellerbys College offers university preparation courses for students as young as 14 with our GCSE programme.


2)Apply in good time


Having decided on the college that you intuitively feel suits your purpose and goals, when is the ideal time to actually make your application to access the college course? The first thing to remember is that the number of places will be limited. This is very much the case at Bellerbys where we place great attention on individualism and a tailored approach to study. In order to avoid disappointment we encourage students, when they ask how to access courses at college UK in September, to apply well in advance of the proposed start date. This will greatly increase your chances of securing a place on your chosen course as well as finding the best student accomodation. You must also check on visa requirements and if you need to apply for a visa to study in the UK you should allow at least four weeks for this process to go through the correct channels.

3) Improve your English Language Skills

If you are coming from abroad, you may feel your English is not good enough to study at college. Bellerbys College prides itself on its innovative English language preparation courses developed specifically to help students attain these skills. The English Language Preparation Programme (ELPP) has helped thousands of students who need extra support with their written and spoken English before progression to further study.

Access to Bellerbys College is not difficult and we welcome enquiries. Our success is based on nurturing curiosity and interest from the outset – and reflects the world class quality of teaching; it is a resounding endorsement of the expertise and experience of both our teaching and admissions staff.