International study abroad programmes in the UK

Posted 06 May 2013
International study abroad UK

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International study abroad programmes are many and varied; few touch on the sheer expertise, knowledge and wealth of experience that come from a world renowned UK college such as Bellerbys. To achieve a gold standard in academic brilliance it is essential to study at an institute that offers an unsurpassed level of teaching, notable as a pre-university requisite.

British qualifications, even prior to university entrance, are respected throughout the world; when you choose to study at Bellerbys, you will immediately be thrust into the hub of academic life that acts as a pre-cursor to universities like Cambridge, Oxford, York, Durham and Warwick. These are some of the best in the world and any international study abroad programmes should ensure students are equipped with the level of communication and learning skills for successful entry. In fact you will become part of a centuries old tradition in Britain for international students to become a part of an exciting community whilst adapting to life in Britain. Bellerbys is a college that nurtures talent and drives motivation in a highly modern atmosphere of enthusiastic academic achievement. Your future as a student lies in the hands of those who teach you; it’s worth being taught well.


The best study abroad programmes for college students

When you decide on international study abroad programmes, you will learn best in an environment that has a long tradition of academic excellence. A top ranking college will have an outstanding academic reputation; they will maintain this standard with consistently high modernisation strategies and updates across the board, to ensure that they remain at the top of the UK league.

Living in an environment that is ideally suited to your personality and choice of subject is paramount to your personal and academic growth and success. When you live and work alongside your fellow students you can develop and learn in a supportive, relaxed environment whilst exploring new and exciting options. This unique experience of working alongside a variety of students from widely differing backgrounds is often transformative. By endowing each student with a love and passion for learning, we endeavour to enable you to achieve your aims and goals.


International study abroad - Learning to learn

International study abroad programmes can offer so much more than just college education; when you receive understanding, one to one support from a college that places huge emphasis on individualism, no matter what your background, you can take advantage of every opportunity. With four key college campuses situated in idyllic locations in Great Britain, you will quickly learn to analyse situations independently of others, give rigorous and sustained thought to problem solving and adopt a questioning mind.  These are the qualities that are typically embodied by a self confident and self assertive individual who is proud of their success. With the engaging and diversive study courses available at Bellerbys, repeatedly instilling the best human values, it makes no difference what subject matter you wish to study. All are challenging, thought provoking and thoroughly fulfilling.