Bellerbys: A Top International Boarding School

Posted 03 December 2014

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A modern boarding school education at a top international college

Providing a safe and supportive living and learning environment for students between the ages of 13 and 18, Bellerbys Brighton is a modern interpretation of a boarding school. Our Brighton college offers the widest range of subjects at GCSE, A Level and university Foundation. 

At our centres in Cambridge, London and Oxford, A Level students benefit from specialist learning environments and facilities and a chance to learn from experts in their fields. Living and learning alongside other international students who share their academic passions, our students are in the best possible place to achieve their ambitions at a top school in the UK.

GCSE and A Level high school qualifications

We will help you carefully select the right subjects at GCSE level to ensure you get the best possible academic start in your chosen subject area. A Levels, delivered at top schools and colleges throughout the country, are the UK’s gold standard in qualifications for accessing the best universities. 

We are committed to helping you achieve your academic ambitions, from high school to A Level to university Foundation programme. Whether you choose our Brighton college; our specialist centre for science and engineering, in Cambridge; our specialist centre for business, in London; or our specialist centre for art, law and humanities, in Oxford, we will keep you on track towards achieving a place on your chosen degree programme.

More than an amazing education

We understand that it takes more than good grades to ensure success at the UK’s top ranked universities and beyond. To complement our innovative teaching and academic structure, our academic experts have designed an enrichment programme of activities, talks and tours to enhance our specialised study programmes delivered at each of our top international colleges. 

Our enrichment programmes help students develop impressive communication and life skills that are sought after by the most prestigious universities and employers in the world. A range of fun clubs and activities allows our students make productive use of their time during those all-important study breaks.

A truly international experience

Students from all over the world choose Bellerbys because of its status as a top international college. In attracting students from a wide range of countries and cultures – including the UK – and giving them access to knowledge and experience gained from all corners of the globe, we give our high school students a solid footing on their pathway to success in a global economy.


The chance to live and learn with students from other cultures is an opportunity our students and their parents hold in high regard. With an excellent network of pastoral support delivered by innately caring professionals, we can offer students as young as 13 a safe and welcoming place to study. 

No matter how far from home they may feel in geographical terms, our aim is to make them feel as close as possible to ‘at home’ in Brighton. Our students feel safe and settled in our warm, modern accommodation with 24/7 security, and our housemistress is always on-hand with a sympathetic ear. In our experience, students who feel happy and secure grow far quicker in both confidence and academic achievement.

Live with a family in the UK

Students who are old enough, and who like the idea of living a relatively independent life, can choose the college’s Homestay living arrangements. This option offers a caring home environment with the chance to become fully immersed in UK culture and to feel part of a family who live here. Eating meals together and sharing life experiences, both the student and the host family get a taste of another culture and a chance to broaden their cultural and linguistic horizons while forging global connections.

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