A Level Awards Ceremony - Bellerbys College Brighton

Posted 30 May 2014
Zheng Keyao, Bellerbys College Brighton

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The Exam Hall at Bellerbys Brighton was packed with staff and students who had come to enjoy the annual Awards Ceremony.

The Exam Hall at Bellerbys College Brighton was packed with staff and students who had come to enjoy the annual Awards Ceremony.

Mr Adrian Spottiswoode, the A Level Programme Manager, greeted everyone with a cheerful and entertaining speech and congratulated the students for their achievements.

The certificates for the finishing A2 students and the subject awards (48 awards in total), nominated by the teachers, were all handed out by the Principal, Mr Simon Mower, who noted in his speech that the day was all about the students and he wished them the best of luck and success in their future studies and lives.

Students who were awarded for their outstanding achievements in their respective subjects were from a huge variety of countries (16 altogether), including Botswana, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Russia, Japan, Vietnam, Libya and Laos. The three top awards this year were given to the following students:

  • Kristina Tugolukova for her outstanding contribution to college life
  • Keyao Zheng for the best AS student
  • Ilsina Nasyrova for the best A2 student

This year's ceremony was slightly different in as much as we were lucky to have had some A Level alumni attending.  Three of them (Kana Maniwa, Hong Sheng Lim and Trytia Atmaja) gave very motivating speeches to those present, aiming to inspire students to seize the day, persevere and enjoy their A Level and university studies. They also encouraged students to dare to dream big.

The Bellerbys College Brighton A Level Finishers managed to receive offers from high-ranking universities again this year: (numbers after the university name refer to the number of offers our students currently hold):

  • Cambridge University: 1
  • Oxford University: 1
  • Imperial College: 10
  • King’s College: 13
  • LSE: 5
  • UCL: 22
  • Bath: 6
  • Bristol: 16
  • Warwick: 8
  • Edinburgh: 10
  • Medicine (various institutes): 2

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