Get to know your enrichment officer: Bhavini Pathak

Posted 25 November 2014

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Meet Bhavini, economics teacher and enrichment programme manager at Bellerbys London.

What’s your name and what do you do? 

I’m Bhavini Pathak, the enrichment programme manager here at Bellerbys London, I teach economics and coordinate the London enrichment programme.

Can you explain what Bellerbys enrichment is?

We have carefully designed an enrichment programme that meets the needs of our students by bridging the gap between learning inside the classroom and the real world. 

In our enrichment programme learning comes to life, student can be a part of real world experiences, in a very fun, engaging and student centred environment.

We have many different activities and challenges like the finance challenge and critical thinking, which gives students the opportunity to become a part of the college life as well as learn skills that will help them with their academic courses. 

Why is enrichment important for students? 

We are living in changing globalised world; competition is high at university and in the employment world, basic qualifications are simply not enough, universities want to see that students have skills that make them 'stand out from the crowd'.

Students need to be better equipped so that they can gain entry into first class universities, are better prepared for university life and the global world.

Our enrichment programme gives students the opportunity to develop and build a portfolio of key learning skills that will better prepare them for university, encourage them to think differently and become experts in problem based learning.

What’s your favourite thing about the London enrichment programme? 

There are many things I enjoy about the programme, for example, seeing students get excited and competitive when they take part in finance challenges. Watching my students interact with corporate professionals like Goldman Sachs and HSBC, asking questions relating to their future ambitions.

But, my favourite has to be enterprise start up where our students put hours of their time into developing their business ideas and working as a team to launch their company. Sometimes they even stay until 8pm!

This year we have four different enterprise groups, they show a great deal of dedication and commitment to starting up their own company. This makes my role very rewarding and fulfilling.

How will the London enrichment programme benefit students?

There are many benefits of our enrichment programme but to name a few, it adds value to university application, improves communication skills and enables students to discover skills they didn’t know they had! 

Students can build a portfolio of transferable skills – these are skills that students can use in other areas of their life, for example motivation, public speaking and goal setting.