Five Ways to Save Money While Studying in the UK

Posted 15 September 2014
students buying food in canteen

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Studying abroad can be expensive. Let us share our five tips on how to save money on travel, books and food.

Get a railcard
Wherever you are staying, there’s no doubt you’ll want to see more of the UK. There are so many amazing places to see and we don’t want you to miss out so make sure you go to the train station and buy a Young Persons Railcard. They cost about £25 and can save you up to a third on most rail fares in Great Britain. That is a big difference and will allow you to see more of the UK.

Use your student card
When you arrive at college you will be given a student card. There are loads of shops, restaurants and cinemas that will give you discount when you show them your card, so make sure you’re on the look-out for the ‘Student Discount’ sign.

Buy food at cheaper supermarkets

There are so many different supermarkets to buy your food from. To save some money you can go to the cheapest supermarkets such as Aldi, Lidl, or find the special offers in other supermarkets. Supermarkets such as Waitrose or Marks and Spencer might have an interesting choice of food but they’re more expensive.

Put your coins in a jar

You’ll find that once you start spending money you can end up with lots of loose coins in your bag or purse. Those 1ps and 2ps add up! So why not collect them in a jar you can keep in your room. You can label it with something you’d really like to do or buy as an incentive to keep saving.

Spend less on textbooks
You can save a lot of money by buying second hand text books either from the internet or ex students. You can take a look at different prices on Ebay and Amazon and be surprised how much you could save. Your college will also have a library so it’s worth going there to see if you can borrow the same books for free. Although make sure you get there first as there are only limited copies of each book available.