Combine Business Studies with Law or Marketing

Posted 31 August 2015
Business Law and Marketing

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Explore Foundation course options that allow you to follow your passions

Bellerbys College has introduced a range of exciting new Foundation courses that allow students to combine Business Studies with Law or Marketing.

For driven and ambitious students who know where they want to take their business careers, these courses deliver truly focused learning, enabling students to delve deeper into the subjects they love.

Combination Foundation courses like these provide international students with a unique pathway into some of the best business schools and universities in the UK.

What’s a Foundation course?

A Foundation course is a study programme designed for international students who may lack the specific qualifications for entry into British universities. They enable students to acquire not just the academic skills and qualifications they need, but also the required English language skills. Further Foundation course benefits include:

● Improved study skills
● Enhanced confidence, both socially and academically, for the best start to your uni career
● The chance to get accustomed to British teaching and study methods before attending university
● Time to settle into life in the UK and make friends before beginning a UK degree course 

Business with Law Foundation

This Bellerbys Foundation course is ideal for students considering a career in business areas such as:

● International trade and logistics
● Mergers and acquisitions
● Insurance and underwriting
● Financial law
● International business management

The course consists of a range of core modules, which include UK study skills, Computer Information Technology, and English language skills to ensure you gain the IELTS score you need.
Alongside these core essentials, students also take specialist tailored modules in a range of engaging business and law subjects:

● Introduction to Accounting - covering accounting concepts, interpreting accounts and budgets
● ‭Macroeconomics - understanding aggregate demand and supply, economic policies, inflation, ‭unemployment, development economics and more‬‬
● ‭English Legal System - get to know the composition, operation and structure of the English Legal ‭System. Gain a grounding in theoretical concepts that will be relevant for further law study‬‬
● ‭Business Entities and Commercial Law - studying key legal structures open to business operators. ‭Understand, apply and criticise selected legal principles which constitute commercial law, ‭including the sale of goods‬‬‬
● ‭Contract Law - traditional principles of offer, acceptance and consideration. Practical topics such ‭as remedies, misrepresentation, frustration, restitution and exclusion clauses in contracts‬‬
● ‭Business Mathematics - basic algebraic skills, including indices and logarithms; basic statistics; ‭linear programming; basic calculus‬‬

Business with Marketing Foundation

This course is the perfect tailored subject mix for students seeking a career in business areas such as:

Event management
Public relations
Brand and fashion management, 

Alongside the same core modules covered by all Bellerbys Foundation courses, the Business and Marketing Foundation course gives students a deeper understanding of research, campaign development and digital marketing techniques through a range of specialist modules:

● Introduction to Accounting
● Macroeconomics
● Marketing Principles - understanding core marketing principles and techniques. Gain experience of market research plus analysis and evaluation of marketing strategies
● Marketing Strategies - covering advertising, promotions, digital marketing, public relations, events management and sponsorship
● Marketing Campaign - a practical group project to plan, research, produce and evaluate a marketing campaign
● Business Mathematics -  covering basic algebraic skills, including indices and logarithms; basic statistics; linear programming; basic calculus

Where and when?

Both of these courses begin in September each year at Bellerbys College London.

How long?

Both courses take three terms to complete.

Where next?

Successful students who combine Business with Marketing can apply to study at the following UK universities:

● Aston University
● Bangor University
● Cardiff University
● City University London
● Keele University
● Kingston University, London
● London South Bank University
● Oxford Brookes University
● Royal Holloway, University of London
● St Mary's University, Twickenham
● University of Chester
● University of Chichester
● University of Kent
● University of Leeds
● University of Surrey
● University of Sussex 
● University of Westminster

Students who successfully complete the Business with Law foundation can apply to the following UK universities:

● Bangor University
● Brunel University
● City University London
● Keele University
● London South Bank University
● St Mary's University, Twickenham
● Swansea University
● University of Sheffield
● University of Kent
● University of Leeds
● University of Liverpool
● University of Chester
● University of Westminster

What qualifications do I need to get started?

Satisfactory completion of secondary or high school and IELTS 4.5 or equivalent.