Foreign Students Choose Business and Engineering Courses We explore why

Posted 20 August 2015
Bellerbys Oxford engineering students

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Business and engineering courses in the UK are thriving – and much of this is down to international students and their eagerness to study for degrees in these areas.

Business and engineering courses in the UK are thriving – and much of this is down to international students and their eagerness to study for degrees in these areas. 

In fact, this popularity with international students has helped diversify the range of business and engineering degrees on offer, with many universities starting to develop newer and more cutting-edge courses in recent years.

Why are so many international students interested in similar subjects?

Regardless of culture, international students often share a similar way of thinking and drive to succeed. One of the reasons so many students choose to study abroad is that they want to pursue the course that will do the most to help them in their career. So it’s hardly surprising that business and engineering courses are often top of the list. In the UK in particular, numbers of international students on these courses often rival domestic student numbers.

This makes sense: both business and engineering courses offer students the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills that are relevant in any job market around the world. Additionally, students who choose to study away from home tend to be high-achieving and ambitious. So it follows that they will want to specialise in subject areas that are relevant to high-growth industries.

Another reason why international students find business and engineering courses so appealing is that they tend to be highly valued shortage subjects in many countries – increasing their employability after they leave university. And, unlike some subjects, such as Law, which tend to be country specific, business and engineering subjects are applicable around the world – making them ideal for students who may want to spend different stages of their career in different locations.

Planning for your business and engineering course

Schools and colleges have been responsive to this trend and many of them now offer international students specialised help to prepare for business and engineering courses at university. At Bellerbys College business and engineering courses make up many of the foundation courses offered to help students make a confident transition into university. Subjects include Business, Finance and Management; Business with Law; Business with Marketing; Chemical Engineering; Engineering and Computer Science; and Management and Computing Systems.

On these intensive one-year courses, students looking to transition from high school to university take a combination of subject-specific modules, English language tuition and core study skills. The courses are designed for students who want to prepare as fully as possible to study for a degree at a top university by ensuring that their English language levels and academic achievement are in line with the degree course on which they wish to enrol.

Business and engineering courses are becoming popular because they provide choice. They give successful students an opportunity to take their pick of employers, industries and locations. This makes choosing the right business and engineering foundation course extremely important. While some recognise this desire for choice and are aimed at preparing students for life at any top university, others can fall short of the academic levels students aspire to. At Bellerbys, our ethos is about providing students with as many opportunities as possible, and our foundation courses reflect this.

Whether you are considering enrolling on a business and engineering degree already, or you are thinking about it as an option for the future, foundation courses should definitely form part of your research. While a degree in business or engineering can be the key to a successful start in your career, a foundation course will put you on the path to excellence before you even enrol.