How Intensive English Study Courses Help You Get Into UK Universities From refreshing your knowledge to actively improving your IELTS score, intensive English courses work

Posted 10 August 2015
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From refreshing your knowledge to actively improving your IELTS score, intensive English courses work

Studying in the UK means adapting to a new culture, new teaching methods - and a whole new language too. 

A high level of English proficiency is required to succeed at UK university degree level and beyond. Employers and learning institutions highly value students and graduates with strong communication skills and a firm grasp of English.

If your English language skills aren’t quite strong enough to meet the requirements for the UK university you want to attend, don’t worry. There are specially designed courses out there that can help - and plenty of support tailored to your individual language needs.

What English language skills do I need?

All universities in the UK require a certain level of English language proficiency for students to gain entry to their degree programmes. Each university sets its own requirements, so these will vary depending on the course you wish to apply for.

Wherever you apply, you will be required to demonstrate your level of English with:

●      International English Language Test System (IELTS)

●      Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

●      Pearson Test of English (PTE)

or alternative qualifications.

Most universities will list a minimum IELTS score for entry, on their websites. For alternative qualifications you may need to contact the university admissions department for further details.

How can intensive English courses help?

Intensive English courses can help you to improve your English language skills, fast. Courses like Bellerbys’ English Language Preparation Programme are specifically designed to help international students acquire the level of English skills they need to gain entry to the most prestigious universities in the UK. These intensive language programmes can help:

●    Those whose IELTS scores are too low for automatic entry into a UK university degree programme

●    Those whose IELTS scores are too low for automatic entry into a UK Foundation Year programme

●    Students who simply want to refresh their English language skills before beginning a UK degree course - providing added confidence and the best possible start to your university performance

What are intensive English courses?

Intensive English language courses provide an effective and efficient way to attain a higher academic English level, without holding you back on the route to more advanced study on your chosen subject. They typically last no longer than one year, may be tailored to your chosen degree subject, and can be taken on their own or alongside other academic courses.

At Bellerbys Colleges you’ll find two intensive English language programmes to choose from:

English Language Preparation Programme (ELPP)

●      A one-, two- or three-term programme that can be taken before joining your chosen course for further study

●      25 hours of weekly instruction in academic English - both written and spoken

●      Examination preparation and skill classes

●      Full support to help you keep track of your progress

●      Courses are tailored to suit you, helping you overcome any particularly challenging elements

●      Convenient range of start dates: January, February, April, June and September

●      Open to students aged 15+

IELTS Express

●      An intensive stand-alone six-week language course

●      Designed to help you improve your IELTS score by up to one full point on average

●      Exceptional students can improve their IELTS score by as much as two points

●      25 hours of weekly classroom teaching + 10 hours of weekly homework

●      Combines study in small classes with personal one-to-one tuition

●      Open to students aged 18+ with a minimum IELTS score of 4.5

Learning English can open doors worldwide, for both career and study opportunities. Wherever you want to go, an intensive English language course with Bellerbys can take you there.