Why Should You Study in an International School in London? Creative, inspiring and buzzing with study and career opportunities – London is a great place to begin life’s journey

Posted 25 August 2015
Vibrant London UK

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Creative, inspiring, and buzzing with study and career opportunities – London is a great place to begin life’s journey.

The UK is the second most popular study destination in the world for international students. More than 400,000 international students flock to British universities and colleges each year, and almost a quarter of them study in London.

According to the latest figures from the UK Council for International Student Affairs, almost 103,000 international students made London their study home in 2011-12, accounting for 26% of the city’s student population.

What makes London so popular?

A global city

London is one of the most ethnically diverse cities on the planet. It makes it an exciting place to study. It’s home to more than 50 non-indigenous communities; over 300 languages are spoken here too. So wherever you’re from in the world, you’ll feel at home in London.

Great career opportunities

London is a major business capital, and the largest centre in the world for foreign equity trading. It’s home to a huge range of businesses – multinational corporations, financial firms, retail giants, tech start-ups and more. Study in London and you’re at the heart of the business world; the perfect place to start your business career.

It’s fun!

London is a vibrant, bustling city packed with cultural events, historic buildings and new experiences to explore.

  • It’s home to over 800 galleries
  • Three of the top 10 museums and galleries in the world are here
  • More than 250 festivals of all kinds take place in London annually
  • Over 17,000 music performances take place across London's 300+ venues every year

The benefits of studying at international schools in the UK

Choosing an international school in London for your studies provides a range of benefits.

  • Make global connections – by learning alongside students from every corner of the globe you’ll get a broader experience of life. Meeting people with different values and beliefs will help you widen your cultural awareness, gain new perspectives and improve your social skills.
  • A uniquely supportive learning environment – international schools in the UK recognise the unique challenges that international students face. They are good at providing specialist help for students from overseas. This means you’ll have more English language support and teachers who’ll give you the time you need to adjust to your new school and culture.
  • UK learning style – you’ll be studying with students from all over the globe, but you’ll be learning the British way. This allows you to get used to teaching methods here, which is great preparation for when you want to move on to a degree programme at a British university. The UK learning style is also very flexible, with a mixture of classroom and practical learning, which helps every student improve.

Why study at Bellerbys London?

Bellerbys London is one of the capital’s leading international schools, specialising in business tuition. Study here and you’ll find a wide range of courses designed to prepare you for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in top business schools and universities in the UK.

A Levels – these courses provide a pathway into the very best UK universities. Choose from a range of business-related subjects, including accounting, business studies, economics, government and politics, and psychology.

GCSEs – these one-year programmes enable you to gain qualifications in core subject areas before progressing to A Level.

Foundation courses – these three-term courses prepare you for entry into the first year of a UK university Bachelors degree, ensuring that you have the grades you need and the English language skills too.

Pre-Masters preparation – take an Undergraduate Year 1 qualification in Business and Management, and this will lead you directly into the second year of university.

English Language Preparation (ELPP) – if you need to improve your English skills fast, this intensive communication course will help you with language and study skills.

Whatever your unique goals and ambitions in London, Bellerbys has a course to help you get there.