Passionate about studying business? Here’s why London is the only place to be

Posted 01 December 2015
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Where in the world will you study business? The Academic Director of Bellerbys London explains why London is the only place to be right now. Find out why thousands of business students flock to London from all over the world every year.

London is the heart and soul of business, not just in the UK but globally. As Bellerbys London’s Academic Director, Chris Hovell, explains, the question isn’t why should you choose to study business in London? It’s why would you choose to study business anywhere else?

Why choose London?

Improve your English skills, fast

English is the unofficial global business language. Used as a common language between countries across the world, most international companies demand a high level of English proficiency from employees. If you want to continue your business studies in the UK to degree or Masters level, you’ll also have to have a high level of English language proficiency.

By studying in an English-speaking country, your English language skills will improve quickly. Hearing English and using English every day, both in and out of the classroom, means your listening, understanding and pronunciation skills will start improving from day one. Your English will become more fluent and more natural, and your confidence in speaking it will grow each day.

A global business capital

London is recognised as the global capital of finance. The City of London powers the British economy through its huge financial services sector. It’s home to the Bank of England and the London Stock Exchange – the largest stock exchange in Europe and the third-largest on the planet. But that’s not all – London is also a global capital for:

  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Brand management
  • PR
  • Journalism, including business-related journalism

Most of the world’s large corporations and banks have headquarters here, so it’s the perfect place for business graduates to begin their careers with the world’s top companies.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Students with a passion for entrepreneurship, who are hoping to start up their own businesses in future, can feel at home in London. It’s the self-employment capital of the UK, with start-ups in the city helping the UK climb out of recession. It has also just ranked as the best capital city in Europe for digital entrepreneurs.

All of this makes London a hugely exciting place to be – especially for students interested in a career in one of the many areas of business based in London.

Why choose Bellerbys?

Location, location, location – located in the heart of London, Bellerbys London is a specialist centre for business studies. We’ve formed good relations with the country’s leading banks, businesses and legal firms, which are based right on our doorstep. This gives our students unique access to organisations, via tours, talks, mentoring and more. It provides motivation, insight and fantastic career opportunities for students, and it helps the world’s leading businesses find the best talent the world has to offer.

More university destinations than any other college – if you’re looking to continue your business studies here in the UK, Bellerbys has over 70 university destinations to choose from, including top business schools.

Specialist preparation for UK business degree programmes – from the Business, Management and Finance Foundation course to the Undergraduate Year 1 qualification in Business and Management and Pre-Masters Courses, our programmes help students at every level achieve their goals. The courses are specially designed to help international students get the academic qualifications, English language IELTS scores, study skills and confidence they need to get into the best business schools and universities in the country.