Why choose a modern boarding school in the UK?

Posted 01 December 2015
Bellerbys Brighton modern boarding school

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Find out more about the outstanding teaching standards and unique study experiences offered by Bellerbys Brighton – a modern boarding school in the UK, offering the best of British education.

Bellerbys College Brighton is a modern boarding school in the UK. It’s an outstanding international school centre that prepares students for entry into the best British universities. With a range of educational pathways for students aged between 13 and 19, from GCSE to Foundation programmes, everyone can excel here – whatever their study goals.

Why choose a modern boarding school here in the UK?

British educational standards

Britain has an international reputation for academic excellence. Four British universities are currently ranked in the top 10 universities in the world, according to the latest QS World University Rankings. Bellerbys Brighton has a reputation for academic excellence too.

  • This year 80% of our A Level students received A*–B grades compared to a national average of 53%
  • 79% of our Foundation students progressed to a Russell Group university in 2015
  • Bellerbys Brighton ranked in the top 3% of schools in England based on the UK’s Department for Education performance tables in 2013

Studying within the British education system before you go to university gives you the ability to adjust to British teaching methods. It helps you get the qualifications you need to enter straight into a university degree programme here in the UK.

English language learning

English is an internationally accepted language. It can open up many academic and professional opportunities. The fastest way for students to learn a language is to hear and speak it every day. By studying here in the UK, you’ll use English in and out of the classroom, all day long. Bellerbys Brighton provides thorough language tuition to make sure students get the IELTS scores they need for university. 

A diverse range of study paths and learning methods

Bellerbys Brighton offers you a wide selection of subjects and a range of course types. You can choose from:

GCSE pathways – the building blocks you need to move onto A Level study

A Level studies – the qualifications you need to get into UK universities

Foundation programmes – to prepare you for university entry

English language preparation – to help you get a high IELTS score

Summer school – a two- to four-week taster of academic and creative courses

Subjects range from maths and computer science to psychology and photography, so whatever your passions and study goals, you’ll find a course to suit you. In fact, we provide the widest choice of Foundation Pathways for international students in the UK, with nine different subject pathways to choose from.

Unique enrichment programmes

Bellerbys Brighton also delivers teaching in fresh and exciting ways. As well as traditional classroom teaching, we offer a wide range of enrichment activities for students at every level. This includes trips to museums and galleries, theatre productions and more, in Brighton, London and beyond. Students also take part in hands-on workshops doing things like filmmaking, creative writing and debating. Expect inspiring talks and workshops from guest speakers from all over the world. You’ll have the chance to apply your classroom learning in real world scenarios.

Time to settle in 

Coming to study in the UK before you begin university here means you have time to get used to living away from home, and to settle into the British way of life. Food, culture, language, study methods, the weather – it can take time to adjust to all of these things. By beginning your studies at boarding school before university, you’ll be a step ahead of those coming to university fresh from overseas. You’ll have time to make friends here too, which will help you to be as confident and happy as you can be. This will give you the best possible start to your university career.

Boost your performance

Boarding at Bellerbys Brighton means you’ll be living and studying in a safe, secure and supportive environment, so it’s easy to relax and focus on the subjects you love. Studying alongside like-minded students, who share your experience of living away from home, helps you bond, make friends quickly, and have fun from day one. Feeling happy in your environment helps you to do well in your studies too.

Build your confidence

Boarding in the UK gives you a strong foundation for the challenges of university – and life in general. Studying away from home takes strength and determination. It gives you a tremendous sense of self-worth and independence as well as a chance to prove that you can accept a challenge and conquer it.