FusionWorks Brings Creative Tech Demo to Bellerbys College

Posted 03 February 2015
The Fusion Works Visit Bellerbys College Cambridge

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Our Cambridge students enjoyed a visit from a local digital agency. 

As part of the Enrichment Programme here at Bellerbys we invited The FusionWorks, a Cambridge-based digital agency, to showcase their innovative projects to students at Bellerbys Cambridge. 

The FusionWorks team arrived with huge smiles and great enthusiasm, transforming the energy in the room. Our students were clearly very excited to see a local company demonstrate their creative technology products. Here are some of the best bits:

Microsoft Kinect 

Well, Lindsay Manning, FusionWorks Director, had set up a Kinect game where you use your body movements to control it. They initially developed this game for a trade show at Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona and the objective is to run as quickly as possible whilst collecting coins along the way. It was great fun to play and to watch!

Microsoft Kinect Demonstation, Bellerbys College Cambridge

Oculus Rift

We then welcomed two more members of the FusionWorks team (Ryan and Jordan) who presented the Oculus Rift, a brand new virtual reality kit, which is currently available for developers to purchase. They started by showing us what they had created as part of their own promotional work, where you were able to explore the chimneys that make up The FusionWorks logo. Inside the game you could take a look around a demo art gallery and Land Rover showroom or gaze at the stars above you. It was an original and creative way to demonstrate the possibilities of the virtual reality headset.

After showcasing their own work, Jordan and Ryan loaded up a roller coaster simulation. Created using the latest head-tracking technology, the simulation was full of twists, turns and virtual drops that made you feel as though you were at a theme park. One student thought the roller coaster was so real that she held onto her seat tightly and screamed all the way through!

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pis are inexpensive, small credit-card-sized computers that can be used to program just about anything.FusionWorks used the Raspberry Pi to modify a toy from the 1980s by replacing the screen so that they could play racing games. It's still a work in progress but we can't wait to see what they do next!

Now it's your turn

With the help of FusionWorks, Bellerbys College has invested in Raspberry Pis and the Oculus Rift. Now it's up to the students to come up with their own innovative ideas and bring them to life. Let's see where this will take us...