Students Wowed by Particle Physics Masterclass

Posted 11 February 2015
Particle Physics Masterclass for Bellerbys College London Students

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A masterclass at Bellerbys College London.

A masterclass in particle physics at the world famous Rutherford Appleton Laboratory greatly impressed our students recently. 

The trip took 12 students studying at Bellerbys College London and introduced them to the 2012 discovery of the Higgs Bosson particle. 

Our students had the opportunity to analyse the complex data produced by the Large Hadron Collider. After some analysis they could decide for themselves whether the data proved the particle’s existence or not. 

Later in the day the group was given a tour of Diamond, the UK’s only large-scale particle accelerator. Everyone was introduced to the wide range of research conducted using the very high energy X-rays generated by the facility. Interesting projects included stress analysis of jet engine turbine blades.

Lastly, after a long but exciting day of learning, our students learnt more about the role of particle physics in cancer treatments. The benefits of Proton Beam Therapy versus existing radiotherapy were explained to the group. So, with Proton Beam Therapy being substantially more expensive than conventional treatments, the question of how much the NHS should spend on treating cancer was raised.

It was an informative day and truly brought physics to life beyond the classroom.