Looking for a Leading International High School in the UK?

Posted 11 January 2015

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Bellerbys College is the natural choice.

Recognised globally as the most experienced international college in the UK, Bellerbys College offers international students a springboard to academic and career success. With a legacy spanning more than half a century, we continue to provide GCSE, A Level and university Foundation courses which form a launch-pad to some of the UK’s top universities and lead to successful careers.

Outstanding academic results

Bellerbys is undoubtedly one of the UK’s leading international high schools; the results speak for themselves. Based on Department of Education performance tables, in 2014 over 50 per cent of our A Level students progressed to a Russell Group university. A total of 47 of our highest achievers gained places at universities including the University of Oxford, Durham University, Imperial College London, London School of Economics, St Andrews and University College London.

Specialising for even greater success

Recently Bellerbys has focused its colleges into four separate, specialist areas ensuring students who study at each of our centres of excellence receive the very best teaching from experts in their fields and facilities that live up to the expectations of students.

A modern interpretation of a boarding school

At our Brighton college we are dedicated to providing a nurturing environment in which students aged 13 to 18 can live and learn together. Through rigorously upheld standards in teaching and learning, our modern interpretation of an English boarding school supports our students to achieve their ambitions at high school in the UK and on to university and their career.

Centres of Excellence

Our specialist centres in London, Oxford and Cambridge provide the ideal focused learning environment, featuring expert teaching and perfectly tailored facilities in which like-minded students can share their knowledge and passions, for business; art, law and humanities; and science and engineering.


Cambridge is where we nurture the engineers, doctors and scientists of the future. Cutting-edge science laboratories, purpose-built study rooms and the latest online learning technology combine to create the ideal study environment for both our A Level and university Foundation students.


In London we focus our programmes on an area in which the UK’s capital city excels on the global stage: business. Learning at a leading international high school and living in one of the most dynamic and exciting cities in the world, there’s no better place for our future business leaders to nurture their curiosity for the commercial and financial world.


Bellerbys College Oxford specializes in art, humanities and law, providing the perfect facilities and expert teaching to guide students towards university and career success in their chosen subject. Following a multi-million-pound investment, our A Level and university Foundation students now have access to three new art studios, a dark room, editing suite, film studio, media studio and print room.

Facilities and teaching for a leading international high school

Continually investing in our colleges, at Bellerbys we are dedicated to upholding our renowned standards of excellence. At each of our centres rigorous educational standards combine with the kind of exceptional facilities you’d expect to find at a top school in the UK. Lesson-specific rooms, dedicated IT suites, well-equipped classrooms with interactive whiteboards, science laboratories, bright, spacious art studios and fully resourced libraries can be found at our Brighton, Cambridge, London and Oxford centres – giving you the best possible launch-pad for degree and career success.

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