Choosing the Right Boarding School Abroad Thinking of sending your child to study abroad? Here are some important factors to consider

Posted 24 July 2015
Bellerbys boarding school abroad

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Thinking of sending your child to study abroad? Here are some important factors to consider

Choosing the right boarding school is a challenge – especially if you’re considering boarding schools abroad. 

After all, you need to find somewhere with an environment that will ensure students not only receive excellent tuition but also feel happy and secure enough to thrive. This is difficult enough at the best of times – even more so when you are carrying out your research from a distance. 

What are the important things to bear in mind?

Academic Excellence

For most families considering boarding school education abroad, academic excellence will be foremost in their minds. Students who are ready to spend time away from home for their education are generally high achieving and ambitious. So it’s important to look at schools that will deliver the best results in terms of GCSE and A Level results and will help students make a successful transition from school to university. Performance details like this can often be found online. You can see where the schools you are considering are ranked in the league tables. The best boarding schools will not only demonstrate great results, they will also be well-known for having staff with in-depth subject knowledge, and a strong focus on personal development in areas that top universities and leading employers find appealing.

Student Support

Of course, there’s more to life at boarding school than just academic achievement. Families will want to know that they are choosing a supportive learning environment that will help their child adapt to life away from home and achieve their full potential. When making your choice, it’s a good idea to learn about the school’s induction programme and the continuing support offered to students. It’s also worth making sure that the school is experienced in dealing with international students and has a well-established programme for meeting their needs. This can involve things like welcoming them at the airport or having a dedicated student services department where they can feel comfortable asking for help and advice.

Enrichment Programmes

At the Bellerbys boarding school in Brighton, the needs of international students are a priority. Students are provided with a strong support network, and staff are on hand to help newcomers settle in and ensure they are happy in their new surroundings. The college actively employs staff who speak a wide range of languages, making it easier for students to feel at home regardless of their level of English. The college also focuses on making sure students enjoy a wide range of enrichment programmes to help widen their interests and enhance their passion for their chosen subjects. Students are encouraged to participate in projects, trips, lectures and competitions. This helps them develop into the well-rounded individuals top universities look for.


Location is also an important factor to consider when choosing the right school. One of the most exciting things about going to school abroad is the opportunity to explore another country and learn about its culture. Going to a rural location can add to the isolation some students may feel when they first leave home. So it’s important to find the right balance. Bellerbys international boarding school in Brighton is located at a convenient distance from London, giving students there the opportunity to visit some of the most distinguished museums, galleries and cultural attractions in the world. Choosing a good location is a great way of ensuring that the boarding school experience is as rich and exciting as possible.

Going to boarding school abroad is a great way to build the skills and knowledge needed to secure a place at a top university and begin an outstanding professional career. The key to all of this is choosing the right school. The secret to a successful choice is to look for somewhere that will nurture each student as a complete person – and provide an environment where they can thrive.