How to Choose Programmes in the International College Simple steps to finding the perfect Bellerbys study route for you

Posted 08 July 2015
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Simple steps to finding the perfect Bellerbys study route for you

Bellerbys offers a unique and varied selection of study programmes designed to help international students at every level. 

From summer short courses to preparation for your UK Masters degree, whatever your career or study goals, Bellerbys has a course to help you reach them.

Across four specialist study centres - Brighton, Oxford, Cambridge and London - you’ll find inspiring courses that combine academic and English language study with structured enrichment programmes.

Which course is right for you?

Finding the perfect Bellerbys study programme means thinking about you. Before you browse your course options take some time to think about your ultimate career and study goals - what excites you? Where do your passions lie?

Work your way through these simple questions to find the right study pathway for you.

When do you plan to study?

●     At high school level

●     Before studying a Masters programme

●     Following your high school education

●     Short course

What level of university education are you aiming for?

●    Year 1 of an undergraduate degree

●    Year 2 of an undergraduate degree

●    Postgraduate degree

What profession or career sector are you aiming for?

●    Accounting, computing, engineering, law, medicine, art/design, politics, science, tourism, marketing, etc.

●    The career sector you’re aiming for may require a degree qualification in a specific subject or set of subjects. Entry into a degree programme will require GCSE, A Level or equivalent high school qualifications in specific subjects to a specified standard.

Whichever career sector interests you, Bellerbys offers courses to help you get the grades in subjects you need to further your education and career.

Your Programme Options

Once you’ve answered these questions, you can take a look at the study options that meet your needs.

Studying at High School Level

●    GCSE Pathway Programme - aged 13+ - six different GCSE pathways are available, taking six or nine terms to complete. Each pathway has a specific subject area focus and a tailored enrichment programme. Following completion, students can continue to prepare for entry to university by progression on to A Level studies.

●    Pre-GCSE and 1 Year GCSE - aged 14+ - designed to provide a grounding in core subjects to enable you yo progress to A Level or straight into a Bellerbys Foundation programme.

●    A Levels - aged 15.5+ - achieve the grades you need to enter into a leading UK university undergraduate degree course. Choose from 22 A Level subjects.

●    Bellerbys Summer - aged 14-17 - spend the summer improving your English language skills alongside Creative and Academic taster sessions.

Foundation Courses

These courses are designed for students aged 16.5+. They bridge the gap between high school study and university, thoroughly preparing you for entry into the first year of a UK university undergraduate degree. Completing one of these intensive one-year courses guarantees you entry into a range of degree subjects at over 70 UK universities.

Foundation courses offer a mixture of academic study, intensive English language tuition, university study skills, and enrichment programmes that help you learn outside the classroom. Bellerbys offers Foundation Courses in the following subject areas:

●      Art & Design

●      Business, Finances & Management

●      Chemical Engineering

●      Engineering & Computer Science

●      Humanities - prepare for social sciences and media

●      Law

●      Management & Computing

●      Media

●      Science & Pharmacy - aged 17.5+

Undergraduate Year 1 in Business & Management

This focused and intensive one-year course guarantees entry straight into the second year of a UK business degree. Mixing academic study, enrichment activities, subject-specific English language tuition and university study skills, it’s the best preparation possible for international students looking to study Business in the UK.


This intensive one- or two-term course is aimed at students aged 21+ who already hold a degree qualification or equivalent and wish to continue onto a Masters degree programme in the UK. It prepares you for the way of life and academic culture of the UK, giving you the best possible start to your Masters studies here.

English Language Courses

If you’re looking to improve your English language skills specifically, choose between two language pathways: English Language Preparation Programme (ELPP), a one-, two- or three-term course for students aged 15+; or the more intensive IELTS Express to boost your IELTS score in just six weeks.

Enrichment Programmes

A British education is about so much more than simply achieving grades. That’s why each of Bellerbys’ Foundation, GCSE and A Level courses feature unique enrichment programmes tailored to each subject. They encourage experiential learning, allowing you to get outside the classroom and ‘inside’ the subject. Enrichment activities include

●      Guest talks

●      Trips

●      University visits

●      Museum tours

●      Workshops and more

Whichever Bellerbys study programme you choose you’ll enjoy the benefits of a specialist enrichment programme too.