Join 1 of 4 Outstanding International Schools in England From GCSEs to Pre-Masters Programmes, find out what Bellerbys Colleges have to offer

Posted 28 July 2015
Bellerbys College international students

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From GCSEs to Pre-Masters Programmes, find out what Bellerbys Colleges have to offer.

More than 400,000 international students come to the UK to study each year. This makes Britain the second most popular study destination in the world for students from overseas. 

What makes the UK so attractive?

  • Renowned teaching standards – learning institutions are subject to rigorous inspection to ensure standards are maintained and improved year after year
  • Internationally recognised qualifications – degrees and other British qualifications are valued by learning institutions and employers all over the world
  • A welcoming, multicultural country – wherever you’re from you’ll feel at home in the UK. There are more than 50 non-indigenous communities and over 300 different languages spoken in London alone.
  • Improving English language skills – English is widely adopted around the globe as the unofficial language of business and trade. Building strong English language skills gives graduates a serious advantage, and studying in English every day is the fastest way for international students to improve their language skills.

Some of these 450,000 international students come to the UK to enter straight into university degree programmes; others choose, or need, to attend an international school or college first in order to gain the grades they require for university entry.

International schools in England have many benefits

  • They provide a fast and efficient way for students to achieve the academic grades they need to get into the UK degree programme they choose
  • An intensive and engaging way to instantly improve English language skills and IELTS scores
  • A study environment that is tailored to the unique needs of students studying away from the comforts of home
  • Gives international students a chance to get used to the UK learning style before transferring to university
  • Enriched learning experience – studying alongside students from all over the world makes for a more rewarding learning environment

Bellerbys International Colleges

Bellerbys College provides four outstanding international schools in England. Each specialises in a range of subject areas so that students benefit from focused tuition that is truly relevant to their chosen degree.

Each school also offers tailored enrichment programmes of talks, tours and activities that help students get outside of the classroom and inside their subjects, challenging their thinking.

Bellerbys Brighton

A very modern version of the traditional English boarding school; this renowned international school welcomes students from the age of 13. In the safe and inspiring location of Brighton, known affectionately as ‘London by the sea,’ students can undertake a range of A Level and GCSE pathways to prepare them for the best UK universities. The six tailored enrichment programmes at Bellerbys Brighton include:

  • Museum visits
  • Visiting lecturers
  • Model United Nations
  • Photography competitions
  • Student Investor programmes

Bellerbys Oxford

A specialist study centre for art, humanities and law. Students are guided by expert teachers to specialise and collaborate in an atmosphere of creativity and debate. A modern and stimulating environment in one of Britain’s most historic academic cities; the enrichment programme at Bellerbys Oxford includes:

  • University visits
  • Alumni visits
  • Creative writing clubs
  • Mock interviews
  • Art workshops

Bellerbys London

A specialist centre for business and management studies, designed to foster entrepreneurial skills. Students benefit from specialist facilities, expert teachers and a campus located at the centre of world commerce and finance. The enrichment programme at Bellerbys London includes:

  • Visiting the Bank of England
  • Business-themed tours of London Zoo and Thorpe Park
  • Young Enterprise events
  • Guest lectures

Bellerbys Cambridge

A specialist centre for science and engineering at the heart of a university town renowned for its academic excellence. The structured enrichment programme at Bellerbys Cambridge is designed to inspire the engineers, doctors and scientists of the future and includes:

  • Visits to Cambridge Science Park and the University of Cambridge
  • Young Medics sessions
  • Specialist team projects
  • Mock interviews and more