Emotional Intelligence in Business

Posted 05 May 2015

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A business workshop with professor Peluso from Coventry university.

Foundation Business students attended an emotional intelligence in business workshop with professor Peluso from Coventry university.

The workshop explored what emotional intelligence is and how it affects our perception of the world around us; the workshop explored how different cultures have different levels of emotions. This will influence our ability to respond to other people’s emotions. Peluso stated ‘to excel in leadership, it is important to identify with emotional intelligence’.

Psychology teacher, Lesley Vines found that the session stimulated the students engaged them and got them participating. She particularly enjoyed the way Dr Peluso made links to other cultures enabling students to relate to the experience.

Foundation Business student Hannah Chen found the session very useful and was ‘amazed how shapes can be perceived differently to different people and how effective use of colour can impact marketing and advertising in business.

By Bhavini Pathak, Enrichment Programme Manager