Mastering Interviews with Barclays Investment

Posted 05 May 2015

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London finance students took part in mock interviews.

By: Bhavini Pathak, Enrichment Programme Manager

A group of London finance students took part in mock interviews at Barclay’s investment on Tuesday 28th April. Corporate strategy manager - Jonathan Longabaugh, kick started the session by introducing the importance of leadership skills and how effective leadership will enable students to develop important employability skills that top firms seek.

In groups students explored the key competencies of a leader, for example people skills, communication skills and excellent organisational skills. The students were then divided into groups to explore STAR (situation, task, action and result). They then received guidance on how to draw on previous experiences, school and voluntary work and how to integrate that into STAR.

The session closed off with each student taking part in interviews and receiving constructive feedback on their performance, in the mock.

Alexei Colesnichenko enjoyed the opportunity to see inside the main building and the views. He learnt how to excel at interviews and found it valuable to meet investment bankers as he is currently preparing for a career in investment banking.