What to expect from your first week in college in the UK?

Posted 07 September 2015
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Arriving at college in the UK can be daunting - but it’s also hugely exciting. New experiences, new friends, and new opportunities lie ahead. So what can you expect from your first week here?

Arriving at college in the UK can be daunting - but it’s also hugely exciting. New experiences, new friends, and new opportunities lie ahead. So what can you expect from your first week here?

College induction

You’ll be guaranteed a warm and supportive welcome at Bellerbys College. We have more than 50 years experience teaching international students, so we know the unique worries and challenges that students from overseas face.

During your first week you’ll be shown around the College, introduced to your classes, timetables, tutors and all the College support staff.

Depending on your chosen college, start date, and the number of students starting their course with you, your induction can last between one and three days.

Some of the topics typically covered at induction include:

● Introduction to college staff
● Meetings with your course programme managers
● Getting to know your fellow students
● Sports and social activities 
● Library facilities
● Computer facilities
● Medical, dental and other support services
● Police registration
● Advice on opening a bank account
● StudyCare insurance information
● English language testing

It’s a time to get to know the College, fellow students, all the activities that are available to you and more. You’ll have plenty of chances to ask questions about anything you’re curious or concerned about too.


It’s perfectly natural to feel nervous when you’re in an unfamiliar situation. One thing to remember is that all the other students are in the same boat as you - in an unfamiliar country, and every bit as nervous and excited. Realise this and you’ll soon feel better. At Bellerbys, welcoming teaching and support staff, as well as the friendly student community make it easy to settle in and feel at home quickly. 

New friends

Starting at any new school gives you a great opportunity to develop friendships that will last a lifetime. At an international school like Bellerbys students already have a unique bond in place. Because you’re all new to the UK you have an instant conversational starting point, and you can share your thoughts about what you love, what you find different or even strange about life in the UK. Our students come to us from all over the globe, which gives you a fantastic insight into the cultures, languages, and experiences of people around the planet. You’ll soon build a network of friendships that will serve you for years to come.


Every student is different. Some students find that they’re just too busy or excited to miss home during their first week; for others this first week is when they miss home the most. It’s natural to miss your friends, family and familiar home environment, but it won’t be long until you have your own group of supportive friends and the college becomes your new home away from home.

Modern technology makes it easier for international students to keep in touch with loved ones too. Skype, Facetime, email, WhatsApp, texting and social media are all great ways to stay connected. You can talk, share video calls, photos and more, to keep friends and family up to date with what you’ve been up to.

Improved language skills

One thing you’ll notice is that your English language skills will improve from day one. As you get used to speaking, socialising, and studying in English every day, your vocabulary will grow, your comprehension and listening skills will develop, and your language fluency will progress at a much faster rate.