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Posted 03 May 2016
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Bellerbys London helps students prepare for independent living after they turn 18

At Bellerbys, it’s the little things that matter. We not only prepare you academically for university, we also will help you develop and to learn how to live independently once you turn 18. This year we launched a transition to adulthood programme in London to help our students do just that. We run workshops for students turning 18 to prepare them for moving to adult residences and ultimately living independently at university.

Yvonne Silk Jones is Director of Student Services at Bellerbys London and she said:

“We recognise that young people need help and guidance to transition into adulthood and that they don't have their parents to do this with them. We take this very seriously as part of our commitment to family values. Therefore, we run workshops for the students who turn 18 to prepare them for moving to the adult residencies.”

We currently offer workshops on:

  • Personal safety – delivered by the College policeman
  • First Aid – delivered by the College nurse
  • Essential food hygiene – delivered someone experienced working in a school canteen environment
  • Drink and drugs – delivered by a drink and drugs charity