5 career tips for international arts students Charles Runacres, Principal at Bellerbys Oxford shares his advice

Posted 13 February 2016
Bellerbys Oxford students in art class

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Charles Runacres, principal at Bellerbys Oxford shares his career tips for international arts students.

Charles Runacres, principal at Bellerbys Oxford shares his five top career tips for international arts students in the following article, published on i-studentglobal.com.  

There is a common misconception that STEM subjects are for serious-minded, career-centric students and ‘creative’ subjects are for hobbyists destined to become HR professionals or management consultants. Thankfully, as global creative economies expand and transform, this impression is dying out.

East Asian students who attend UK institutions have traditionally favoured careers in technical and scientific subjects. However, leaders like China's Xi Jinping have contributed to the idea that a creative career can be simultaneously fulfilling and viable.

Consequently, while STEM subjects are still popular, enrolment in arts courses is also steadily increasing. The UK has a rich art and design tradition, the finest university system in the world, and a booming job market; if you’re an international student, you could certainly do worse.

That said, careers in art and design can be highly competitive. If you’re looking to lay the groundwork for future career success, you’ll want to keep the following five tips in mind.

1. Get IELTS certification

Art may be the universal language, but many admissions and HR departments don’t speak it. Solid English is a basic requirement of many degree programmes and jobs; without it, you may find yourself shut out of positions that you’d otherwise be well qualified for.

Before you submit an application, examine the programme’s language requirements. If the university demands IELTS or TOEFL certification, you’ll be able to work towards it ahead of time.

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