Students see engineering in action Science and Engineering students experienced a unique, hands- on enrichment activity

Posted 20 February 2016
Dyson day study in Brighton

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Science and Engineering students experience a unique, hands- on enrichment activity courtesy of The James Dyson Foundation. 

On Sunday 31st January, Bellerbys Brighton gave GCSE Pathway programme students studying Science and Engineering the opportunity to dismantle a vacuum cleaner to see how it works. 

The day involved a James Dyson Foundation package which contained: The Dyson Story, The Dyson Vacuum Cleaner and dis-assembly activities.Throughout the morning activity, the students took apart the Dyson machine and were guided through the design process. 

Tomas Blasco (mathematics teacher) who organised the activity, said the students thoroughly enjoyed the morning and had the chance to see the world of engineering in a different light. Enrichment activities enhance the development of the students' academic and inter-personal skills. It is important for students to experience their subjects in a real life situation. 

The James Dyson Foundation aims to excite young people about design engineering. They encourage people to make mistakes, invent things and realise their engineering potential. The activity was mainly aimed at Science and Engineering students, however it was open to all to benefit those who have an interest in the subject or who like to know how things work. 

Although GCSE students don't need to worry about personal statements for a while, participating in enrichment activities is an essential part of the university application process. Enrichment offered beyond the classroom, is designed to give students a real competitive advantage when applying to top UK universities as it shows they have developed their subject knowledge.