Why study art in Oxford?

Posted 10 February 2016
Study art at Bellerbys Oxford

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Thinking of studying Art in the UK? Find out all about the benefits of studying an art foundation course at Bellerbys College Oxford and what makes Oxford such a special destination for budding artists.

Oxford is one of the most exciting places to study in the world. The city’s prestigious university dates back to 1096. It’s a beautiful part of the UK, which has inspired some of the greatest minds in history – including artists, writers, poets and musicians.

Built around its university population, Oxford is full of outstanding facilities for students. Bellerbys College Oxford is a specialist centre for art, humanities and law. It is specially designed to cater for the unique needs of overseas students with a passion for art.

Why study here?

Fantastic facilities 

For promising artists of all kinds coming to study in the UK, Bellerbys Oxford offers outstanding facilities. It’s a purpose-built college, with stunning views across the River Thames and plenty of natural light. With dedicated print rooms for screen-printing, heat transfer printing and more, to dark rooms, film studios and editing suites, from fine art to video art, every artistic passion can be catered for and nurtured here.

Tailored teaching 

Bellerbys College Oxford is a specialist centre for art, which allows us to deliver specialist teaching to our art students. The college is dedicated to the creative arts. Outstanding teachers design detailed course work, which is tailored to the unique minds of young creatives.

Exciting enrichment programmes

Learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom. For this reason, Bellerbys Oxford provides a wide range of inspiring enrichment programmes and art-based activities. This gives students the chance to explore subjects outside the classroom, to think ‘around’ them, and to apply new concepts to the real world.

Experiential learning activities for art students include:

  • Visits to galleries, theatres and exhibitions in Oxford, London and beyond
  • Study days at noted universities and art schools in London and the South East
  • Inspiring guest talks by established artists
  • Hands-on workshops in printing, the creative arts and more, to develop specialist art and design skills
  • Tours and trips, including a Warner Bros. studio tour
  • Photography clubs, film clubs, weekly life drawing classes, debating clubs, music clubs and more

Location, location, location

Oxford city is an ideal base for study in the UK. Hop on the train and within an hour you’ll be in the centre of London. Here you’ll find galleries, theatres and museums all around. From the Tate Modern and Whitecube to pop-up exhibitions in Hackney and New Cross, the city buzzes with creative energy. It gives young art students instant inspiration. With fantastic transport links, Oxford makes it easy to explore the rest of the UK while you’re here. You can visit the beaches of Cornwall all the way up to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

Oxford inspires 

Visitors to Oxford find the city very beautiful. You can see tall church spires, ancient university campuses, leafy green streets and boats punting on the river. The countryside is just a short drive away. Here you can relax at weekends, between your studies. Inspiring scenery is all around, whether your passion is printing, collage, photography, fine art or filmmaking.

Why study an Art Foundation course? 

These courses are specifically designed for overseas students. We recongnise that they face extra challenges in adapting from international to UK grading standards and dealing with language barriers too. Our Art Foundation courses are tailor made to help you gain the specific UK art qualifications, including IELTS scores, you need to get into the finest British universities and art schools. They also give you a year to get used to British culture, settle in and make friends before you begin your uni studies.