Why study engineering at Cambridge?

Posted 14 January 2016
Science and engineering at Bellerbys Cambridge

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Why do so many international engineering students choose Cambridge as their study destination? Find out about a city at the forefront of British engineering and why Bellerbys Cambridge is the best place to start your engineering career.

Bellerbys College Cambridge is a specialist centre for science and engineering. Located in a city with a long history of scientific and engineering excellence in the UK, it’s the perfect place for students to develop their skills, knowledge and ideas. 

Why study engineering at Bellerbys Cambridge?

At the forefront of British engineering

Cambridge is a city with strong links to science and engineering. Home to the prestigious Cambridge University, it’s a place that has produced some of the finest engineering minds in history. Today it is home to countless science parks, research and development hubs and engineering firms. It’s a centre of real inspiration and motivation for future engineers. 

The finest facilities

Bellerbys students study each day within the grounds of the highly regarded and historic Queens College campus. Even though you’ll be studying at one of the world’s oldest universities, you’ll be learning within modern facilities. Students have access to cutting-edge laboratories and the latest technology, in hands-on training and skills development.

Specialist teaching

As a specialist college, teaching is more focused. Bellerbys Cambridge gives students with a passion for science and engineering more of what they love. Our teachers are experts in their field, driven by the subjects that excite our students. They produce detailed, specialised coursework, and they lead clubs and societies that provide inspiration outside of the classroom. Students are surrounded by classmates who share their love of engineering. Every day they share conversations, ideas, and discussion of the latest news and developments in the engineering world. The result is an exciting and stimulating atmosphere for students of all ages.

Unique enrichment programmes

With science parks, Cambridge University’s engineering department, and R&D firms located all over the city, Bellerbys has close ties to institutions that can give our students rare insight into the science and engineering world. Our students benefit from an exciting range of unique and inspiring activities and opportunities via our specially organised enrichment programmes. 

Designed to take learning out of the classroom, encourage interactive learning, and help students apply their knowledge in real world scenarios, our hands-on engineering enrichment activities include:

  • Visits to the University of Cambridge Engineering Department and Cambridge Science Park
  • Visiting a Formula 1 race track
  • Tours of the Jaguar/Land Rover production facilities
  • Using Solidworks, 3D printing techniques and Matlab to build Formula One car components
  • Imperial College Engineering workshop
  • Cambridge Regional College workshop
  • Talks and mentoring with PhD students from the University of Cambridge, professional mechanical engineers and more
  • Team projects
  • National engineering competitions

Why an Engineering Foundation course?

These courses are designed to help students from overseas get the skills, confidence and language skills they need to succeed on engineering courses at Britain’s top universities. They combine tailored subject knowledge, in-depth English language tuition, and British study skills, to give students the essential foundation they need to adapt and excel in a British learning environment. They also allow students to specialise in either Chemical Engineering or Engineering and Computer Science. This ensures the knowledge they learn is right for their university study goals.