Top 7 reasons why our Foundation programme beats an on-campus one

Posted 29 July 2016
Bellerbys students outside college

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Choosing a university foundation programme? Let us explain the benefits of studying one that offers pathways to many different universities in the UK rather than just one. 

If you’re ambition is to go to a top university in the UK but you need a little preparation before you’re ready, then the Bellerbys Foundation may be the answer. You won’t be studying on a specific university campus straight away but there are many benefits to choosing your degree during your Foundation programme.

Here are our top 7 reasons:

1. More choice

With pathways to more than 70 universities, our Foundation programme lets you choose your university after you’ve spent some time in college finding out what you’re best at and improving your English. Delaying the decision could mean you get into an even better university than you first thought and you won't be limiting your options too soon. 

2. Greater confidence

Think of a foundation course away from a campus as a stepping stone to your degree. Here you can get used to being in the UK and experience a different UK city before you make the big move to university. You also have the added confidence of our Money Back Promise, which says you will get into a top university or we’ll refund you tuition fees.

3. Better results

Did you know 79% of our Foundation students progressed to a top 50 UK university in 2015*? In the same year, 107 of our students went to universities ranked in the top 10 such as Durham, Warwick, Exeter and Surrey. Check out more results highlights. This could be you!

4. Improved skills

In just one year you will develop your academic and English language skills to the level needed at university. We’ll help you get a head start so that when you arrive at university you can keep up with your classmates. 

5. Added value

Ever wanted to try a new activity or develop a skill beyond what you learn in your usual classes? Specialist enrichment activities, sports, trips and introductory lectures help you build your CV and make you stand out in university applications. You’ll find lots of these activities included in our Foundation programme, from basketball and Spanish to mock trials and crime scene investigation tasks. This shows you have lots of interests, not just a passion for your chosen degree subject! 

"Enrichment trips to universities helped me know more about university life, what I should expect and what they want in my personal statement.” 

Joao from Angola, studied Engineering Foundation, achieved 78% and is now studying Mechanical Engineering at University of Surrey.

6. Smaller classes

You won’t get lost in big lectures at Bellerbys. We teach an average of 15 students per class which is similar to the seminar groups you’ll be in at university. This gives you lots of attention and support as well as the confidence to join in with discussions. 

7.    Further insight

Studying at Bellerbys instead of on a university campus for your foundation programme doesn’t mean you miss out on seeing campus life for yourself. We give you the chance to visit the universities you’re interested in while you’re studying with us. Take a tour, see a talk or simply experience the different cities, campuses and their facilities to help you make the all-important decision.

"We get to visit the universities that we are interested in and get more support and information at the time of making such an important decision, which in many cases isn't good when living abroad because of the distance and lack of communication."

Paulina from Colombia, studied Humanities Foundation at Bellerbys Oxford

Belllerbys foundation student Paulina

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*The percentage of students is based on student progressions included in the 2016 Times/Sunday Times University League Tables