Top 5 reasons for studying at an international college in the UK

Posted 22 June 2016
Studying at an international college

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Find out what our students have to say.

There’s no doubt about it, you’ll make friends from around the world at Bellerbys College. This can have many advantages, from improving your confidence and opening you up to other people’s ideas to tasting new food recommended by your friends.

We spoke to some of our students to find out what they like about living and studying at an international college.

1. Make friends for life

Think about it. You’re all in the same situation – new country, new language, new education style – so everyone feels like you. Remembering this will help you have the confidence to talk to everyone and you’ll be sure to form friendships that will last a lifetime. Madeleine from Indonesia says:

''Having previously attended international schools, I decided to follow that route whilst simultaneously being able to study the local curriculum (A Levels) rather than taking the IB. At Bellerbys you get to meet a very diverse cultural student body while being able to experience the British culture. Everyone is away from home, so you're all on the same boat.”

Madeleine is currently studying A Levels at Bellerbys College Oxford and looking to study War Studies and Philosophy at King's College London.

What's more, you'll be friends with people from all over the world and might even get to visit their home town during the holidays. Dania from Singapore, who studied A Levels at Bellerbys College Cambridge, was excited that on her first day at college she made friends from lots of different countries...

2. Build your business skills

When you’re studying at school your career may seem a long way off, but you will definitely learn skills that will be useful in later life such as listening to others and communicating. Dharsshini from Malaysia says:

“By studying at an international college I could experience a brand new country with incredible new outlooks, customs and activities. By completely immersing myself in the education system of an international college, it is an opportunity to experience and understand the people from different countries, their traditions and culture. This could be a good training ground for my future career.”

Dharsshini studied A Levels at Bellerbys College London and is now studying Medicine at Queen’s University Belfast.

3. Gain new perspectives

As soon as you arrive you’ll meet people from many different countries and find out about different cultures and practices. At the same time, you'll be living in the UK and Bellerbys is here to help you adapt to living here. Beyond the College, living in a homestay is a great way to get to know British culture first-hand. Alexis from Mexico says:

“When you go to an international boarding school you know people from all over the world and learn from different cultures. I even started learning some words from other languages. I really liked living with a host family because they were very respectful. It’s a beautiful experience because I feel that I’m actually living in Britain with my host family and I have learnt even more about British culture.”

Alexis studied 1 Year GCSE at Bellerbys College Brighton before returning to Mexico for his International Baccalaureate. He hopes to return for A Levels! 

4. Learn in the right environment 

Being an international school, we know how to help you succeed in a new curriculum. We adapt our teaching style, offer extra support and make sure you settle into every aspect of life in the UK. Saeyeon from South Korea says:

“Bellerbys has a really good system to help international students acclimatise. They focus not only on study skills but also on helping students to adopt the English culture.” 

Saeyeon is currently studying Humanities Foundation at Bellerbys College Oxford and looking to study Psychology at Durham University.

5. Live in a cultural and historic city

All four Bellerbys Colleges are located in cities that are instantly recognisable as British. Each city has its own charm, be that thanks to cultural attractions, seaside attractions, renowned universities or beautiful architecture; there is much to explore.

“The architecture here is so historic; I know I am in England,” says Saeyeon. 

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