A Bellerbys student explains why he chose to continue his education in the UK

Posted 24 May 2016
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I was born and raised in Singapore for most of my life, however, I made the choice to come to the United Kingdom and study at Bellerbys College.

Darren studying at Bellerbys College Cambridge explains why he chose to study in the United Kingdom.

I was born and raised in Singapore for most of my life, and thus so, almost all of my schooling was done in Singapore. However, I made the choice to come to the United Kingdom and study at Bellerbys College, and effectively make a radical change in my living and study environment. It was not an easy choice, given that I had never been to the UK before I came here to study, so all I had was just secondhand information to go on.

So, why did I come here to study? The answer was simple. I felt that I needed a drastic change in my study environment in order to succeed, which Bellerbys College was, and is still, able to provide.

So, what are the differences between the study environment in Singapore and the United Kingdom? The most major difference is the different emphasis between my old pre-university education in Singapore and my current course, Foundation Engineering. My old course, which was the International Baccalaureate programme, was more diverse. I was studying two languages, Economics, Geography, Physics and Mathematics whereas in Bellerbys, the emphasis was placed on three areas: the teaching for the type of English writing required in universities and Physics and Mathematics. The learning in Bellerbys is more focussed on what I want to do in the future, instead of giving me some possible options for my future learning.

Another difference is the amount of pressure placed upon the student to study. In Singapore, the teachers will push the students to do the best, encouraging the students to get the highest marks possible while in the UK, it is more of a case of do your best, in which the student is the one pushing themselves to do well. While the teachers certainly do provide the motivation for the students to produce results, the majority of the students here are self-motivated.

The fact is that the different emphasis on what I would be learning and how I would push myself in doing so has produced a different environment of study. This, I feel is the reason as to why I chose Bellerbys College to further my studies and I hope that many others will continue to do so in the future.