Cambridge hosts another successful Science Festival

Posted 23 March 2016
Bellerbys Cambridge Science Festival

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This year’s Cambridge Science Festival held hundreds of events, talks and interactive activities to bring science to the public.

Cambridge has been a home for scientific thought and research for a long time. With almost a hundred Nobel Prize winners from the University of Cambridge, there is a huge scientific presence in this city. Cambridge is a home for industries that specialise in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), and there is a huge community of scientists and researchers here. The Cambridge Science Festival is a great opportunity for the scientific community to share scientific ideas and spread enthusiasm about science and technology.

‘Big Data’ was the focus of this year’s Cambridge Science Festival. As science progresses, the amount of information scientists are able to produce when running studies and experiments increases, and all of this data has to be managed and processed. This has become a science of its own, and this year many faculties and institutions have come together in Cambridge to discuss the benefits and difficulties that are involved when dealing with Big Data.

We have seen talks ranging across subjects including the polar icecaps, tracking penguins, climate science, unsolved mathematic problems and the music in movies. There has been an entertaining talk from Steve Mould where he uses the exciting and unexpected aspects of science to create and maintain interest in science with his Science Pranks. And people have had a chance to see the history of rocketry, find out about planets outside of our solar system and to look behind the scenes of the University of Cambridge Museums.

The last weekend of the festival had over 120 events, from a science dinner to challenge your sense to interactive experiences that explored the brain, health and wildlife.

This broad range of talks and interactive activities held across just two weeks goes to show how Cambridge truly is a hub for science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

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