Did you know we have language counsellors in each of our Colleges?

Posted 12 May 2016
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They can help by communicating with you and your parents in your own language

Travelling to another country can be a difficult experience for anyone. It is perfectly normal to miss your home, your friends and family. Being in a new environment can easily become overwhelming, so we make sure there are members of staff who are able to help you. Our language counsellors are here to help with any issues and will be able to talk to you in your native language. They can even help your parents communicate with the College.

We have a number of language counsellors at Bellerbys, with speakers available in Arabic, Persian, Korean, Mandarin, Russian and Turkish. They’re here to support you if you want to talk to someone in your own language. They are also available to contact your parents as well if you need them to.

Hear from Angie Liu our Chinese Language Counsellor and Learning Support Coordinator at Bellerbys Oxford:

“I’m here to look after you. I speak Chinese and I’m counselling Chinese students and can help with academic and non-academic issues. We have a dedicated team here to offer you support. Don’t be nervous.”

Elisa from China studies A Levels at Bellerbys Brighton and said:

We have different language consultants, so if my parents want to contact the school but they don’t speak English, they can speak Chinese to the Chinese consultant and she would translate into English. I think it makes communication much easier between parents and the teachers

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