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Posted 02 September 2016
Ahmed Bellerbys College alumni

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A past Foundation student talks about his experience at Bellerbys and what he's doing now at King's College London.

Visiting again after almost two years, Bellerbys College Brighton alumnus Ahmed came to tell us how he’s getting on as a university student at King’s College London.

Ahmed studied Science and Pharmacy Foundation at Bellerbys before going on to study Physiology at university in London. We asked him about his time at Bellerbys and he said “it’s the place to be.”

University projects with British Heart Foundation

"My final year lab project is giving me the chance to work with British Heart Foundation. I got a 1st in first and second years so the British Heart Foundation gave me a scholarship to work with them for one term. This is very helpful because I’m doing something with a very famous foundation in the UK which is hopefully going to help me find a career in the future, working with professors."

Find out three things Ahmed learnt at Bellerbys to prepare him for university:

With one more year left at university, Ahmed is thinking about his career plans. He said:

“At the moment I’m thinking of doing a Masters or starting a career in scientific research, joining professors and doctors in the labs. GSK does so much research about athlete’s performance in different environments. I have a big passion for sports.”

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