English Language Preparation Programme

Masters Qualifying Programme students
‘‘The English Language Preparation Programme is all about preparing students for their following courses. It is great to see students develop throughout the course and get the results they deserve. I really enjoy being part of their development and the mix of cultures. ” 

Johdi Doherty, English Teacher

Bellerbys College has a long tradition of supporting students from the widest spectrum of backgrounds and cultures to achieve their highest goals. Top level communication and study skills in the English language represent an important gateway on your career path; students with these necessary skills will have a distinct advantage in gaining admission to some of the most prestigious universities in the UK. Bellerbys intensive English Language Preparation Programme (ELPP) can help you to gain acceptance to these institutions.

Beyond university, it is widely recognised in the global business world that a good command of the English language is paramount to developing excellent interpersonal skills. The college prides itself on its innovative English language courses developed specifically to help students attain these skills.

Even if you don’t meet the English language requirements for one of the renowned Bellerbys Foundation courses, this will not prevent you following the ELPP.

Key Facts:

Age: 15+
Course length: 1, 2 or 3 terms
Start dates: January, April, June, September and October
Hours per week: 25
Centres: Brighton, Cambridge, London and Oxford
Study plan : once you complete the English Assessment Test our staff will advise how long your English Course needs to be before you start your chosen academic course.

English Language Preparation Programme

For many students arriving from overseas, English is a second language; for some, it may be their first time in the country; feeling overwhelmed when adapting to a new culture and traditions whilst struggling to understand and speak the language is common.

The Bellerby’s English Language Preparation Programme (ELPP) has helped thousands of students who need extra support with their written and spoken English before progression to further study.

The college is at the forefront of modern teaching, offering a tailored, more personal approach to learning within a secure and academic environment; Bellerbys is proud of its outstanding track record of helping scholars graduate with superlative results.

English Language Preparation - Course structure

This intensive English language course provides an effective and efficient way to attain a higher academic level, without holding you back on the route to more advanced study on your chosen subject. In undertaking Bellerbys English Language Preparation Programme you will be endowed with communication and language skills which will enable you to survive the rigours of the often frenetic academic environment; the course will undoubtedly enhance your career prospects. Success in your work can be at your fingertips once these vital skills are honed and perfected.



•can be undertaken for between one and three terms before joining your nominated course for further study

•incorporates 25 hours of weekly instruction in academic English

•students receive examination preparation and skill classes


One of the recognised benefits of this highly sought-after programme is that throughout the duration of the English Language Preparation Programme you will be fully supported to help you keep track of your progress and overcome any particularly challenging elements. The advantage of this is that it ensures you reach the required level of proficiency in the English language for any further course of study you wish to undertake. Whatever you wish to study and however best you learn, the ELPP can add a truly inspiring component.