GCSE Pathway Programme The first important qualification on your path to university

Bellerbys College GCSE Pathways
“Our expert teachers give just the right academic support to get students into top universities. These include Oxford, Cambridge, top medical schools, business schools and art colleges.”
Simon Mower
Principal, Bellerbys College Brighton

Our GCSE Pathway programme offers younger students from 13 years upwards an early opportunity to establish the language, learning and cultural skills they need to succeed in the highly competitive world of higher education. Learning with other international students from all over the world, Bellerbys College helps children to become confident global citizens, backed by the best British education taught in a truly multicultural environment.

Based in Brighton, one of the UK’s most progressive and culturally diverse cities just 55 minutes from London, Bellerbys College is an exciting place for young people to begin their journey to academic success.

After successful completion of the Pathway GCSE Programme , international students can continue progression towards university by studying their  A Levels with Bellerbys.

Students aged 15 and over should  refer to our 1-Year GCSE programme, which is designed to provide a grounding in core subjects to enable progression to A Level.

GCSE Pathway Programme

Our GCSE Pathway programme aims to nurture a student’s passion for their chosen subjects. Our experienced teachers can help develop and guide a student in order that they find learning enjoyable. Students will study more than the curriculum in order to gain a broader understanding and enable increased engagement in the subject area. For further information click here for the full GCSE Pathways Prospectus.

The Enrichment Programmes explained

Bellerbys College has devised six different GCSE pathways with tailored enrichment programmes that help students to ‘learn around the subject’. The enrichment programmes immerse the student in the subject and challenge their thinking. The breadth of the enrichment programmes stimulates lateral thinking for students and provides a number of opportunities for students to discover what really interests them.

Key facts…

  • Age: 13 for Year 9 entry or 14 for Year 10 entry
  • Course length: 2 years (6 terms) or 3 years (9 terms)
  • Start dates: September to June each year see term dates

Year 9  Year 10  Year 11 *
 Sept - June (3 terms)  Sept - June (3 terms)  Sept - June (3 terms)
 Jan - Aug (3 Terms)    

  * Available from September 2015 only


  • Fees: Please visit our Fees page to calculate your fees.
  • Pathway Discovery - Joining in Year 9

    Although we know a lot of students are ready to make their pathway decision at an early stage, we also recognise the importance of encouraging students to step outside their comfort zone and try a number of subjects before making their decision. Our GCSE Pathway Discovery Programme in Year 9 offers the opportunity for students to trial a number of modules prior to pathway selection in Year 10. A student may decide at any stage to switch pathways, or may simply choose to join enrichment programmes on other pathways. Wherever possible we aim to ensure the student has the opportunity to enrich their studies to achieve their ambitions.

    Academic Pathway - Joining in Year 10

    Students will be required to choose one of the pathways on arrival into Year 10. As they will have missed the opportunity to trial modules in Year 9, there will be regular reviews with tutors to ensure that the correct pathway has been chosen.

    Academic Pathway - Joining in Year 11

    Students will be required to choose one of the pathways on arrival into Year 11. Joining in Year 11 is only suitable for students who have already been studying at a British International Boarding School and have already attained strong grades in their studies.

    Each GCSE Pathway Programme is made up of core subjects and options. The pathway is then further enhanced with specific pathway enrichment programmes, which inspire students to gain a broader and deeper understanding of their chosen subjects and prepares them for the challenges of A Level and university studies.

    Students entering in Year 9 in addition to studying core subjects are given the opportunity to explore all subjects through a series of 4 week module courses.

    Year 9: Pathway Discovery

    Physical Education
    Modern Foreign Languages
    Information Technology

    Module subjects (4 week): Economics, Business Studies, Psychology, Art, History, Geography, Drama, Global Perspectives

    Plus: PSHE, Tutorials, Assembly

    Year 10 and 11: Academic Pathway

    Core Subjects 

    Science & Engineering Business & Economics Creative Arts Humanities Global Young Oxbridge
    English English English English English English
    Maths Maths Maths Maths Maths Maths
    Biology Science 1 Science 1 Science 1 Science 1 Biology
    Chemistry Science 2 Science 2 Science 2 Science 2 Chemistry
    Physics Business Studies Art History History or Geography Physics
    Geography Economics ICT Global Perspectives Global Perspectives History or Geography
              Modern Foreign Languages

    Options are then chosen from the list below:

    Business Studies
    Global Perspectives

    Plus: PSHE, Tutorials, Assembly

    3 options are chosen for each Pathway except Young Oxbridge where 2 options are selected. The option to substitute with English+ and / or Study Periods will be discussed with students on arrival.

    An essential element to the course is the wide variety of pathway enrichment programmes, which form an integral part of the programme.

    Academic entry requirements

    • Year 9: Completed Year 7 and Year 8 (in own country). Strong grades and excellent academic reference. IELTS 4.5 level or equivalent – this is assessed through a Bellerbys pre-arrival English test.
    • Year 10: Completed Year 8 or Year 9 (in own country). Strong grades and excellent academic reference. IELTS 5.0 level or equivalent – this is assessed through a Bellerbys pre-arrival English test.
    • Year 11: This is only for students already studying for GCSE in a British International School. Strong grades and excellent academic reference

    Contact our team of expert Student Enrolment Advisers to find out more about this.

    We also offer an English in Preparation for Pathways (EPP) to prepare students for entry on to the GCSE Pathway Course.

    The EPP programme has been designed to provide 3 hours intensive English teaching each morning with a varied academic programme each afternoon. Students will also have full access to the Enrichment programme as well as all sports and activities.

    The entry criteria for this is:

    IELTS 3.5 level or equivalent for Year 9 entry

    IELTS 4.0 level or equivalent for Year 10 entry

    EPP start date: 1 Term 29 June 2015 for September 2015 entry; 16 September for January 2016 entry

    EPP Fees: Please visit our Fees page to calculate your fees

    Contact a Student Enrolment Adviser to take our English Assessment Test and find out how much preparation you require.