Professional high-flyers career success for Bellerbys Alumni


Career pathways

Many of our students have gone on to work for some of the most successful companies in the world, whilst others are pursuing entrepreneurial success with their own companies. Read their stories about how our international courses prepared them for career success after university.

Graduate Chanoi Huang 

Chaoni Huang from China: Associate at Morgan Stanley Capital Investment in Beijing

“My job is very analytical and requires a lot of individual thinking. My courses at Bellerbys helped shape my qualitative skills and analytical thinking. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Bellerbys because it really opens your mind-set and doors as well.”


Ban Ruo (Andy) Li: Founder and CEO at Li & Co. Ltd, Founder, Founder Visijax

“I left Bellerbys College in 2005 and subsequently graduated from Cambridge (Trinity College) in 2010. I started up my company (Li & Co. Ltd) immediately upon graduation and was initially deeply involved in a merger & acquisition negotiation for a UK-based multi-national PMR(Professional Mobile Radio) company. At the same time my company started developing a social media concept website called Since 2011 the idea of a cycling jacket with integrated LED lights and turning indicators came across my mind. Over the next 12 months the initial idea was carefully explored, developed and prototyped into the final product on sale today under the brand name Visijax (”.

Jubril Alao from Nigeria, IT Management Consultant

“Whilst studying at Bellerbys, the constant encouragement by teachers to challenge theories and ask probing questions during class discussions has provided me with important skills for Software Deployment projects.

I graduated to UCL to study BSc Economics. I subsequently went on to do a Masters in Computer Science at UCL and now work as an IT Management Consultant with a focus on Finance and Controlling software modules.”

Shafique Ur-Rehman from Pakistan, Chief Executive Officer, Rehman Medical Institute Limited.

“After a year at Bellerbys, I gained entry into the second year of BA programme at the Univerity of Kent where I completed my degree.

I am currently working as CEO in the Rehman Medical Institute Limited, Pakistan. Without Bellerbys I don’t think I would have progressed to a distinguished university such as Kent, neither would I have been able to a attain the position I’m currently in.”  

Olive Lai from China, Online Communications Specialist, Study Group

Since completing her Foundation studies, Olive has been a student at the University of Sussex where she is currently completing her Media Practice and Theory degree. She has worked alongside her studies in the Study Group Creative Services and Marketing teams and has worked on Chinese marketing projects for Bellerbys, she even worked on the Chinese content for this website!

Chee Ee Jordan Lo from Singapore, Aviation Project Manager

“I greatly enjoyed the year with Bellerbys thanks to the diversity and opportunities they offered. The course placed us in many of the top engineering universities in the UK.

Today I work all over the world in the engineering & construction industry as a project manager. With the increasingly globalised nature of business, I look back on my Bellerbys experience and consider it time and money well spent.”