Meet our top students

We interviewed some of our top students about their time at Bellerbys and this is what they told us.

Nicolas, Bellerbys College student

Nicolas from Colombia

Studied A Levels and achieved A*A*AB

Now studying Politics and Philosophy at London School of Economics

Studying at Bellerbys is very different to how I was taught at home. The teachers are very encouraging and friendly.

They aim to make you think in a critical way, which is different to the way I have been taught at home. I learnt exam techniques, which are essential if you want to achieve the highest grades.

Lik Qi, Bellerbys College student

Lik Qi from Singapore

Studied Humanities Foundation and achieved 81%

Now studying Psychology at Durham University

My Bellerbys Foundation programme helped get me to a top UK university, Durham. As an international college not attached to any university, I had the freedom to choose from a great choice of universities after completing my Foundation studies.

Billy, Bellerbys College student

Billy from Hong Kong

Studied A Levels and achieved AAAC

Now studying Actuarial Science at Cass Business School, City University London

Bellerbys has a good reputation in my country and universities are delighted with the enrichment activities that we are doing. These activities have made my personal statement stronger and more competitive.

Kymbat, Bellerbys College student

Kymbat from Kazakhstan

Studied Science and Pharmacy Foundation and achieved 78%

Now studying Chemistry at Queen Mary, University of London

Studying at an international college is the least stressful way of adjusting to a new place and people. College staff pay attention to the needs of every student. We also have a personal tutor we can go to for help. Parents can be sure nothing will happen to their child and that we are well looked after.

Arathi, Bellerbys College student

Arathi from Malaysia

Currently studying for her A Levels

Hoping to study Medicine at the University of Cambridge

My enrichment programme, from computer programming to dissections, helped me develop my personal and social skills, as well as providing valuable links with the local community.

Mikhail, Bellerbys College student

Mikhail from Russia

Studied A Levels and achieved A*A*AA

Now studying Computer Science at the University of Manchester

Studying at an international college helps you meet people from very different cultures who all have different ways of thinking. It is easier to adapt to living in a foreign country and speak a foreign language on a daily basis when you are surrounded with people who are in the same situation.

Marcel from Indonesia

Studied A Levels and achieved ABB

Now doing his military service with the Singapore Armed Forces

Bellerbys expert teachers equip me with all the skills I need for university. The lessons are wonderfully planned which makes it extremely worthwhile and enjoyable to attend classes.

Wenru from China

Studied Business, Finance & Management Foundation and achieved 82%

Now studying Accounting and Economics at Lancaster University

The extra-curricular programme at Bellerbys London was exceptionally useful to me. It informed me of the latest business trends, which is exactly what, as a future economics student, I should know.

Shajaniey from Malaysia

Studied Undergraduate Year One in Business and Management and achieved 74%

Now studying Accounting and Finance at the University of Sussex

"Support from the teachers here is just so amazing. I have met teachers who have inspired me in so many ways and taught me new lessons that I will take with me through my journey in life."

Caroline from Belgium

Studied Science and Pharmacy Foundation and achieved 81%

Now studying Biological Sciences (Zoology) at the University of Birmingham

"I’ve always loved the English culture and the idea of studying in English."

John from Angola

Studied Engineering Foundation and achieved 78%

Now studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Surrey

I think of the UK as my second country! Enrichment trips to universities helped me know more about university life, what I should expect and what they want in my personal statement.

Phoebe from Macau

Studied Law Foundation and achieved 78%

Now studying Law (International Legal Studies) at the University of Southampton

My AS Levels at home didn’t go very well. I chose Bellerbys as it provides a good alternative route to get the fundamental knowledge I needed for university and to get me back on the right track. I chose London because it is one of the most vibrant cities in the UK.

Xinyi from China

Studied Science and Pharmacy Foundation and achieved 86%

Now studying Pharmacology at the University of Bath

"UK qualifications are recognised all over the world, and there are plenty of opportunities for further study and career progression once I have completed my course. Additionally, studying in the UK offers me the opportunity to master English."